Launcher Update Bug

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    • Peyk wrote:

      I have a bug in the game launcher, installed linux, and I can't update the game, whenever it reaches 650MB remaining, the download resets and returns to 950MB, pls help me

      Hey, there is a new launcher available on the test server - it should improve downloading, if connection times out and you get error on download, after pressing Retry it should resume download from last file instead of redownloading the whole patch again.

      To update please open your launcher and click on Albion (Live), then select Test Server (Staging) and update. Once it's finished, switch back to Albion (Live) and patch your client. If you still have any issues please post here again.
    • New

      Hello, I am having the same issue. The game downloads and gets anywhere from 950 to 850 mb left, and then it just resets to somewhere around 1000mb. It seems to do this forever. I tried to update using the test server and was still doing the same thing. If it helps, I am trying to download the game on my Mac for the first time.