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      Im a mobile user. This game is great and all, but how great is it if i cant even play the game because every time a new patch comes out i have to reinstall the game (more than 1,5 gb)

      So can we pleeeeeeeease, for the love of all that is good, get a way to update the game on mobile
    • Hi there @Koperaal, welcome to the forum.

      Please see the thread posted by Merkur here:
      Mobile: Planned Improvements

      Merkur wrote:

      Greetings Albion Community,

      I am a new addition to the Albion Online dev-team and will be responsible for a number of mobile adaptations and improvements for the upcoming official Albion Online mobile store release and beyond. This effort will have a clear UI- and performance focus in the beginning, to provide a better experience on mobile phones especially.

      If you are interested in playing on mobile, you can use the Mobile Feedback & Suggestions forum to join us in this quest.
      Also, if you've got a few minutes, please fill out this survey to help us set our priorities: Mobile Player Survey Closed. Thanks to everyone who participated.
      I will be posting more updates regarding the mobile version in the near future.

      Current Plans
      A roadmap is currently taking shape with the goal to tackle the most important quality of life changes for mobile users until release. With decent prioritization, we should be able to fit in the most bang-for-your-buck changes. Here's the topics we plan to look at:

      A mobile friendly UI is on the forefront of important usability changes.
      This means:
      • An easier to use HUD
      • Button layouts and sizes adequate for touch control
      • Solutions for small text and information
      Touch Controls
      Looking at quality of life changes for touch.
      • Considerations for long-press, double tap, pinch and similar touch interactions for zooming and navigating UI
      • Possibility of an optional virtual joystick and skill targeting system
      Performance Improvements
      Some mobile devices struggle with performance when playing Albion, especially in highly populated areas. Performance optimization is another big topic we want to look at for the mobile version.

      Store Integration & Updates
      Finally, we plan a release on both Play Store and App Store next year.
      With this, we also want to make manual installs and re-downloading the client with each small update a thing of the past.

      We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

      Respectfully yours,
    • Looking forward to the changes for Android. However Incase you don't already know, there's a big where the visual effects of skills either disappear a few minutes after logging in and it's a totall game breaker. I don't know what most skills look like unless I see it on YouTube. Please add that to the list of things need fixing. Currently using a Samsung S10+