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      Howdy all,
      New player to the game, remember doing some research on this game when it launched but already had a main game (WoW) that I stuck with for many years. This past year has seen me try out quite a few different games looking for a new main play. Currently after about a week of this I feel like this will be my main time sink along with Conq. Blade. Really loving the open sandbox style of gameplay and filled my eyes and head with videos of information, tips, tricks, and guides to get better and improve. Currently working a healer character with holy staff as an alt and my main character is using Xbow, debating on which one I will use mainly right now. Working on one gather (skins) and one craft (leather work) but mainly pumping PVE fame to get gear leveled up to where I can atleast compete somewhat in PvP. Started in the desert and have made quite a few excursions into the black zones already and loving it. Will be looking for a guild eventually but still just learning the ropes and getting used to the play style. Hope to see you all in game drop tell or message still looking to get into a good farm group and start really experiencing the game.

    • Hey there, Valdurok! Welcome to the game. ♥
      I'm happy you feel like you'll stick with Albion! I knew I'd love it the day I tried it. It's a great and thrilling experience, especially in the black zone. And yay, fellow holy healer~ I started out with healing, loved it, and am now working on leveling a hardcore expedition set centered around the Divine Staff. I'm afraid I can't offer much information on the bows, but you'll find plenty of love for heals here ^__^

      I really hope you enjoy yourself!

    • Hi there@'Valdurok', welcome to Albion Online.

      Glad to see that you're having a great time ingame. I'd recommend you check out our wiki page and also take the time to look over a lot of the YouTube videos that other Albion Online players have made, which hopefully you'll find very useful :)

      Take care and continue having a great time inside the game.
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    • Welcome to Albion Online. I'm glad to hear we have another convert. This game is so much fun and it is very relaxing unless your in the Black Zone, PVP areas, or literally anywhere outside the starter zones. heheh. If you have a any questions or need some help getting the basics down don't be afraid to PM myself or hit me up in game. My username is the same as it is here in the forms. I enjoy helping others find there place in Albion. It can be confusing at times.
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    • Yea i've been having a great time still, took me a week and three different characters but I got the silver needed to buy my first month premium on one character. Been playing with different weapons and builds along with gathering and crafting skills to try to figure out what I'll main with my main character. Tons of guides and support on youtube and here have helped me get a good start into the game. Only issue I've had is with the crazy lag spikes at peak times and odd times. Sure it has to do with the massive population boon thanks to RL issues but hopefully they will either upgrade servers or maybe add more to help with the load. PvP has been a mess for me because of it. I don't get many disconnects but plenty of freezes or me running around while the server tries to catch up. I'm on East Coast with avg of 30-50 ping generally but man it gets ungodly in major event zones or mid-day. Other than that been really enjoying my time spent here and approaching T7. Still playing it mainly solo with pick-up groups for fame farming until I feel I've got something I can contribute to a guild so. Thanks for the warm welcome and see you in game!

      Also I have moved from the healing side of things and have been enjoying bows and quarterstaves, maybe try a tank weapon today.
    • I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the experience so far (aside from the lag)! You got to t7 quickly too, that's awesome. Concerning the guild side of things, there are guilds that require you to be established and have requirements to join, but there are also those geared towards being new player friendly, and can really help you build up and learn about the game.

      Have fun testing out more weapons! Quarterstaves are monsters in arena, haha =P