Please create more cosmetic items

    • Please create more cosmetic items

      If you are reading this post chances are you're either going to flame me and say cosmetic items aren't a big deal or you are addicted to cosmetic items and the look of your character. I originally years ago suggested cosmetic items such as Equart has, I'm so excited and happy with the addition of cosmetic items since the queen patch. I have some suggestions on ideas for cosmetics.

      Show cosmetics in every zone on weapons and armor - the option to turn the cosmetics off for other players if there, there is no mislead to who is wearing what gear if you enable the option to hide others cosmetics.

      1.) weapon specific cosmetics that are applicable to the weapon you're using
      2.) more particle effect cosmetics with bloom/glow
      3.) option to cosmetic already existing armor pieces in Albion to make matching sets out of the nice armor
      4.) MORE detailed and themed costumes

      I think that everyone wants there character to look cool in an MMO that is the whole point of leveling & gearing to wear cooler looking items & to see your character progress and look strong or the way you want them to. Please add more cosmetics </3


      I noticed with the cosmetic system that when you use an ability from an armor piece the actual armor piece shows through your cosmetic for a brief time. I think this is very awkward, for example with the portal cannon & the eggsecutioner if you are to appearance swap this over your ranged weapon, It wont show when auto attacking or using abilities.....It may be because the cosmetics were never designed to begin with to have their own animations/effects when using abilities from your ranged weapon & it would look awkward as well. This is why I'm suggesting creating weapon specific cosmetics intended to have animations/effects to work hand in hand with the original weapon your using underneath it.


      You have ranged users which are magic and physical ranged users like bows/crossbows.... you create a themed cosmetic set called "of darkness" for example:

      Crossbow of Darkness
      Bow of Darkness
      Siegebow of Darkness
      Darkness Daggers
      Greataxe of Darkness

      which are intended to be used over just that specific tree / weapon mesh. I think if you were someway able to implement this and the suggestions above people would love being able to make their player unique to them. I think as well as adding appearances through the albion store for gold, having ability to gain cosmetics through in game means such as achievements / events / looting them would be a great activity to do on down time. Hunting for a rare cosmetic that drops off a specific mob in specific dungeon types etc.

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    • I'd rather them add things like this, but let them be aquired through bosses. For example killing a keeper boss awarding keeper cosmetics that you can either use for yourself or sell. Furniture items too, hopefully in the form of artifacts where you need the item and materials to add to it to get the finished product. :) Cool idea though, this is just how I would tackle that personally.