Building bug in hideouts!

    • Building bug in hideouts!

      Normally, when you upgrade a building to the next tier, it fully repairs the building to 100% durability. This did not occur in our hideout!! We upgraded a t6 building at 41% durability to t7 with the 300 t7 block and it stayed at 41% durability. Of course this doesn’t make sense because now the repair has to be done with t7 block instead of t6.

      It was the mage tower in OneOfUsIsInvis hideout if you want to fly in there and repair our building.
    • Can I not get a response on this? In the city, when you upgrade a building, it automatically repairs it to 100% durability. I hideouts, the durability stays where it was. So, for instance, if you had a building at 10% durability at t6. Upgraded it to t8. You just wasted 90% of the t7 and t8 blocks you just put in. I really doubt this was the intended mechanic. We wasted about 300 t7bocks on this.