Visual Effects Disappearing After Zoning

    • Visual Effects Disappearing After Zoning

      Hello Albion! I am a fellow founder! So happy to be playing again and with my wife! Here is the only problem we have run into. I am having issues regarding visual effects (spell effects, item effects, npc battle effects) on my mobile devices, tablets and flagship galaxy s9+, only when I zone. For instance, I enter Fort Sterling after having logged into a zone right next to it. Upon logging in, all visual effects and graphics work superbly and are amazing. As soon as I enter Fort Sterling, I can no longer see my spell effects, weapon effects, torch fire, channeled spells etc. All I am able to see is the outline of each ability and its perimeter. I have to proceed to log out after zoning and log back in to restore visual effects. This happens for both my wife and I. The graphics do not change. I have no issue with any other aspect and am able to effectively PVP on mobile but I have to zone into a black or red zone, log out which takes a lot of time, and then log back in. Rinse and repeat for dungeons since you need those visual effects for a lot of mobs. Please fix! The game looks great and I am so happy I was a founder! Thanks Albion!
    • Just wanted to say this may be coincidental however within an hour of posting this we received a brief update immediately after the release of the last update perhaps a day or two ago. Felt good to zone a few times and retain visual effects. Idk what you guys did but I'm already seeing my item effects last for 1 or 2 different zone-in's!!!

      If this is just random luck then maybe I am crazy however I believe the dev's did something and for this temporary fix, I am happier than I was 2 days ago!