Cumulation of recent Terrie Control Mega Alliance fix ideas

    • Cumulation of recent Terrie Control Mega Alliance fix ideas

      i will update this section according to fuerther ideas:

      Let's try to document what's been there so far on Territory control with the good suggestions that many people had.

      Terrie control should mix PVE and Famefarm and PVP elements but should not be manipulable

      approaches:Vulnerability window switch based on activity in the zone

      One could automatically evaluate the hours over the day when the most PVE was made in the zone. This includes gathers, open world and all forms of dungeons.

      To prevent it from being maipulated, the Hellgate PvE and PvP families started from there are also included, and they count full for everyone involved.

      In the hour when the zone was most used, i.e. when most of the fame was created, the new vulnerability window will be

      The window is redefined every day for the next

      approaches: Adjusting the defense mode

      The owner of a zone Territory can define the defense mode.

      There are 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 5 on 5 or 10 on 10 or 20 on 20 or open ZvZ

      All T8 zones only go via open ZvZ

      All T7 zones open ZvZ 10 on 10, 20 on 20

      All T6 and below: 2on2 to 10 on 10

      T6 Zone fights have an IP-Cap of 1000 and above that a soft cap of 50% (only applied during vulnerability window)

      T5 zones have a hard IP cap of 1000 (only applied during vulnerability window)

      The same should apply to hideouts

      Approaches PvP boost:

      We had the Avalonian mobs, why can't we transfer this cool model to territories? Why don't Terrie guards give 20K fame and not assist against single individuals?

      Or be radical and make terrie guards not agro vs solo players so u run there if gankers...

      Add to that a malus system, which reduces the IP cap of you in all OW zones if there are too many terries under your alliance control. in this malus system terries should be treated like hideouts and count as terries.

      This should apply permanently, because an IP cap is much more efficient than a fame debuff

      In addition, if you have more than 10 terries hideouts, there is a permanent IP cap of 5% per additional terrie / hideout

      Plus a trashrate that is dependent on the Assist, but applies through combat while it is exposed to vulnerability window in an area to avoid affecting ZvZ.

      Castle fights stay like today, so that we can still shine wildly in ZvZ tomorrow.

      Another option could be, as Tabor has suggested, to make territory control simply by making it who has the most activity in the area, as described under "vulnerability window switch".

      What's just uncool is that a horde logs in once a day and gets all the bonuses, that doesn't make sense.

      Hideouts should be developped guilds/alliance only or public, so that the hideouts will not be rented.

      Many idea what do the devs say about this?

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