SBI working

    • Just because an Albion server crash (while i was in a lvl 12 HCE Fungicide with 2 Ice 1800+ and badon 1740-> Heal and tank were 1800 average+)
      thx that i cant run this map anymore i am just starting to run more HCE over Tier 10 and it is my first own lvl 12 Map... Also im afraid of Albion looses active players because last last fame event the same issue was with the servers... I am sad because i payed 50 Euros for 180 days of premium to support you guys and im not the only one who payed into albion.
      Please Learn from your mistakes (at the Event in carleon i wasnt able to join the fight because there was not enough space for people)
      YOU GOT SOOO MANY PLAYERS if you do an overall fame buff you need to be aware of THEM PLAYING YOUR GAME.
      I think of quitting albion because every event you do the servers aint working.
      Please use the money we spend into you into usefull stuff.
      In addition i woud love to see my HCE map back (that i can see you acually care about your community-> it wasnt even our fault that we lost the map but yours)