Guild Island question

    • Guild Island question

      Hey everyone! I have a few questions about the guild island.

      1: As the personal island, guild island it's locked to one location(ex. Caerlon or Bridgewatch) or you can enter from any location?.
      2: Guild island stations still have 0% rate of material return? if thats so, why it hasn't changed?
      3: It's worth the guild island for crafting purpose or is just a mere reunion point?

      Looking forward for your answers! thanks.
    • Hello,

      what do you mean?

      LoboBlanco wrote:

      you can enter from any location?.
      1. you cannot travel to Caerleon with items inventory
      2. cities get 15% return and additional 15/40% city bonus, while island always has 15% less
      3. I think it's not worth using island crafting purposes. Considering smaller reimbursement premium and feeding employees

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