Scouts in Group-Dungeons

    • Scouts in Group-Dungeons

      I have an idea how to deal with all the naked scouts in the group dungeons. When i dive dungeons and try to get some conent with friends, if we find fame farmers in like 50-75% cases there are scouts in the dungeons.
      My suggeston:
      1. They should increas the "A-out" time to 4 minutes
      2. If you wanna leave the dungeon quicker you have to be at the entrance on the 1. level or after you killed the final boss, a portal spawns and you can instantly leave the dungeon through this portal.

      This would make scouts useless, people who want to farm good maps with good gear need to risk more because right now you can farm T8 maps right next to your Hideout and you can use the Shield which you get when you leave a Dungeon to get safly with no risk to your hideout. So right now people can farm T8 Dungeons in 8.3 gear and dont have to risk anthing,as long as they use a scout and choose the dunegons who are next to their or friendly hideouts. That kills a lot of content.

      I would love to see this change, i think it creats more content. And People who want to get good fame per hour need to risk more.
    • This change could work if they added the dungeon blob mechanics along with it. I hate scouts as well but diving dungeons with 9 people for guaranteed wins is just as bad. You should not just have to auto die to unbalanced numbers just because you are trying to fame. For SRDs 2 or more people generate the bubble and 6 or more do for the GRDs. Do this along with increasing A would work but otherwise nope. I say this from a divers perspective as that is some of my favorite content along with 2s gates.
    • Or, change dungeon design to have multiple entrances?

      Take for example the Exalted crypt.

      Right now, each Area has exactly ONE instance of it.

      Imagine the rewards of it get pushed, so does the risk...

      Each layer / zoning insight connects u to different instances which get random connected..

      Means - an exalted remembers from where u and your team enters, but the instance inside can get accessed from different entrys from different zones.

      More contact, more reward, no scouts possible, dives more tricky and risky, as u could e.g. state that a fill-up in the same instance just works from one area just for maybe max 8 players...