The Gauntlet - Casual - Roleplay - Beginner - EU TZ - Thetford

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    • The Gauntlet - Casual - Roleplay - Beginner - EU TZ - Thetford

      The Gauntlet
      Casual / Roleplay / Beginner / Friendly / Thetford
      ... The stranded seaman had to make a decision: Pack a few belongings onto his little mule and head to a larger settlement uncertain what to expect? Or stay with a bunch of broken sailors that had no clue how to survive the next day on this new land? It would not be without any consequences to his freedom and wellbeing to settle in a place where criminals, beggars and fallen mercenaries roam the same streets as nobles, wealthy traders and those who can afford an entire army to protect their belongings. He looked at his map and decided to head to the town of Thetford, a half-day ride from Swamp Cross Landing.

      “What a crowd!” he yelled while entering the marketplace through the heavy iron gate. “Not sure how long it will take until I get ripped off?” he grumbled and moved his head around. All over sudden he spotted a tiny road leading to the outer parts of town. “Maybe, it's a good idea to scout this busy place before getting stabbed from behind!” he reminded himself. “I’ll be better making some friends very soon” ...

      A welcoming roleplaying guild for starters and returning players. Our goal is to help creating immersion inside of Albion Online.

      About our guild

      - We are newly founded and small, however providing assistance from first landing into getting settled.
      - We are a casual, role-playing guild looking at a mix of new and seasoned players (18+).
      - We are EU TZ (UTC 7-12pm). Primary language is English. We have a website and discord.
      - Our activities depend on player ideas and may include "Gather, Build, Trade & Fight".
      - We have no fame requirements and a low guild tax. Any donations are welcome.
      - The Gauntlet is currently active in and around Thetford.
      GM of The Gauntlet
      Looking for new and veteran players alike!

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    • Recruitment is still open. Message me in game or join our discord. Have a look at our website!

      We have crafting and refining up to T4 for non-trial guild members on the guild island next to Thetford. We run the Smugglers Creek Tavern in Thetford Harbor for roleplaying events. Casual guild with a roleplaying background but we do other things as well as we grow. Also looking for other roleplaying guilds to interact and/or form an alliance. Beginner friendly. EU Timezone.
      GM of The Gauntlet
      Looking for new and veteran players alike!