Black Monk Stave is way out of tune

    • Black Monk Stave is way out of tune

      I'm all for staves to get some love, but the BMS 100% needs to be toned down.

      From a 5v5 perspective; it's absolutely absurd - cartwheel is a very good Q, every single W is strong and the E (Fatal Blades) is impossible to punish/counter. Any stationary range DPS i.e. fire/xbow and most melee DPS is made almost completely irrelevant because of the nature of Fatal Blades. You can also throw fatal blades into a choke to reduce damage, deal damage AND slow.

      "Oh the enemy is engaging! Let me just open up with fatal blades and slow down their pressure."
      "Oh my clothy is getting tunneled by the enemy melee dps, let me just throw fatal blades on top of them so they do nothing."
      "Oh the enemy fire mage is using fire artillery, let me just throw fatal blades on top of him so his damage is completely nullified."

      The weapon simply does far too much, either the numbers need to be tweaked or the cool down on Fatal Blades need to be increased to ~50 seconds so the user has to actually think before throwing it out. As it currently stands you can lob fatal blades out every ~20 seconds, meaning you can easily throw it out multiple times in a single skirmish. The weapon is not only extremely oppressive, but it's utility is almost second to none. The cool downs/numbers also scale with IP which is another factor that probably needs to be looked at.

      BMS is also beginning to be seen a lot in large scale ZvZs but I think that's a separate discussion to have.
    • BMS was out of play for too long, give it a rest... let us have some fuuuuun for once... xbows and bows had fun for way too long as well!

      Also you can just... you know MOVE OUT of it, just because a weapon line does damage by being immobile doesn't mean every other weapon line must bend down to that... its called a counter. Just sacrifice some damage and but assassin boots to jump out of it, or graveguard boots, or... just move before it stacks the slow.

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