Gathering change idea for Black/Red Zones

    • Gathering change idea for Black/Red Zones

      Ok, as with many people I am about to hit the point where I need to start farming in the T6-8 Black/Red zones for materials and while I don't entirely hate the fact for Full Loot PVP, I do hate how off balance the PVE/PVP gear is with Gatherer gear. You are extremely squishy in Gatherer sets as you don't get near the same synergy with your armor to your weapons so even if your base stats are good with the Gatherer sets, you don't get any damage or healing boosts, or any defense boosts. Your skills also aren't good paired up with Weapon skills. So in PVP combat you are much weaker than someone wearing a normal PVE set. Here is my idea to level the playing field and make gathering in general more fun for the endgame T6-8 areas.

      First off make it a separate type of PVP flag, like what you did with Faction Flag in Yellow Zones where you can't be attacked or attack a player who is just normal PVP flagged. Do this buy having it as a flag buff from putting on a full set of Gatherer gear. This would setup a flag stage where you can't attack, or be attacked by, anyone else in Black/Red/Yellow zone regardless of their flag state, except for other Gatherer Flagged players. This would then make the power difference in builds being a bit more evenly set and eliminate the frustration of getting ganked by 5-10 players in 1-shot PVP builds while out gathering. You could also set it up that you can't enter Dungeons while Gatherer Flagged, to prevent PVE groups turning into all Gatherer build groups. And since you can't change armor while in combat you would not have to worry about someone getting jumped and then unflagging by quickly equipping normal gear unless they got far enough away to be out of combat. Getting this setup would mean those who want to "make their own story" into being a merchant crafter gatherer can do so without having to constantly be outmatched even in a 1v1 fight just due to the armor they are wearing.

      Second idea is an addition to the first but also nice all in it's own. Currently there's a massive multiplier put on Fame and Silver gain depending on the zone, where Black/Red zones pay out a ton due to the high risk of getting ganked. Well there's 0 bonus from zone given to Gathering. Fame isn't increased but the tiny bit to each tier higher you gather, and time it takes to gather a single time from a node is also increased so you can't go out and farm fame from higher tiers in groups like you can with mob kills and PVP/PVE weapons and armor. Also after hitting T5 you have a drop down from getting 2-3 per gather to only getting 1 single item per gather, along with higher respawn times. The only bonus given to gathering at all in Black/Red zones is that some, not all, have a slightly higher % of enchanted nodes spawning. Putting in the first idea would make it a bit easier to farm, but adding in higher fame reward would be nice as it is a very long grind. I have been playing for near a month and a half now, I can farm out T5 of a few items in decent speeds and can use/craft T5 Miner and Quarrier tools and gear. Not being able to use T5 tools means you can't get any of the enchanted nodes at all that are T5, as well as a slower speed for the normal nodes of T5. Comparatively I can already use T6 in most of the PVE armor, and I do very little dungeon farming. If I were to go out to the Black Zone and farmed a bit more I could quickly hit T7-8 gear usablity. I'm also already almost Elder Reaver, which means I will do even more damage to T8 mobs. So you have a fast track method for PVE/PVP gear and aspects, but turtle speed grinding for Gathering. Adding in a fame boost to Black/Red zones would be a way to get more people willing to risk the loss of items to get the Fame for it.

      Please consider these changes. I started off enjoying the game even with the complete lack of other RPG elements, and even complete lack of Sandbox customization elements. Yet it is quickly getting to the point where I'll be just looking for another game soon as it's just another PVP battle game.
    • Ur first idea could be exploited so bad, just the shipping of items on the BZ and RZ would be in gathering gear.. if im a ganker i will be using gathering gear on a battle mount..

      the second idea, trust me the BZ big alliance doesn't need more reward for controlling the entire black zone.. but clearly gathering on the RZ should give more fame/reward 100%.. do not talk me about faction flagging... except fishing on the bridge of ur city or doing PvE (gathering with a faction flag u should remove the fishing from it and give way bigger reward for gathering while faction flag in the current state of the faction system)