Beginner joined Albion

    • Beginner joined Albion

      Hello Albion Community,

      I've just found out about the game and downloading right now , Will be pleasure playing with you all.

      I was also asking if anyone has any good tips for me to to take care of as beginner , please share. (Like which best class / best build for beginners .. stuff to take care of at beginning .. etc ..)
      Also the game has one server or many servers ?
      game has two enemy factions ? if yes is there one stronger and has more players than the other ?

      I Already opened the wiki & will read from it some tips , but still maybe anyone has a direct hint or tip i could take care of ;)

      Thanks & Have a good day~

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    • Welcome Adventurer!

      After completing the ingame tutorial you can have a look at the Guides section and continue with the "Your First/Second day in Albion" and then "Week 1". It gives you a basic understanding if you like being guided.

      Your abilities are defined by the equipment you wear (cloth, leather, plate), hence you can choose and change as you like. There is no class-restriction or selection, you play the role you want. There is one common server and everyone starts in the same faction. The lore factions can be found here. Later in the game you can choose to enter faction warfare and join a city army of the Royal Continent's cities. You improve your abilities through what you wear and use (weapons, armor and accessories) and I suggest you test several combinations to match your playstyle. You can hardly make any mistakes during your first days in Tier 2 or 3 equipment.

      Have fun and enjoy the day.
      GM of The Gauntlet
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