A new players initial review of the game

    • A new players initial review of the game

      Been playing for a few weeks now after I got excited saw the commercial about "making your own story".

      My initial thoughts:-

      Is this a sandbox rpg MMO?

      When I think of sand box... I think of games like Minecraft... building my own house in the open world from resources gathered with all the freedom to create.

      Of course I don't want to play minecraft.. I want to play a sandbox RPG MMO... so I was expecting this to be a bit more restrictve but with good lore and questing to level it out, some emrsion so I can "make my story" in the vast land of Albion.....

      However the game achieve neither of those things.

      Instead... I am having to buy a month of permium so you then buy an island, then only be able to build your house on certain set squares on that island, then the house looking exactly the same as everyone else's house thats been upgraded to that level. Not exactly sandbox...

      In terms of lore and questing... there is none.

      Actually of the areas and basic layouts of this game are extremely generic and repetitive.

      I would best descirbe this game as ultra time consuming PvP game wearing the skin of an rpg MMO.

      Is this game enjoyable none the less?

      The party finder does not work. It finds like 1 person after like an hour of searching???

      The expendition matches take like 10-12 miuntes to put you in expedition with other players? This i far too long.

      Green and yellow zones are just boring and unrewarding in general. Won't be making my story there.... unless its the story of how I spent days repetitively clicking on trees and bits of logs... Don't get me wrong the gathering seems to be enjoyable for few days but you might find your brain leaking out goo for the repetitive strain of having to do the same task over and over again for very little reward...

      Actually the more I find out about the game mechanics, the more I realise there is only one way to really play...

      I know the mantra is "make your own story" sand box game. You can still have nice content and make your own story though. These things are not mutually exclusive. There seems to be serious lack of content outside "making your own" via lynching people in gangs.

      Some of the characters look really cheesy, like the island seller lady in the captains suite. Its like someone stole the out of the EA game SIMs or "The priates of the caribean" kids mobile game.

      You look at some of the mounts and gear skins... they looks really good... then every so often you have something just looks out of place...

      Really kills it for me... the emersion aspect... actually whilst we are mentioning SIMs... the whole farming aspect of this game seems exactly like SIMs....

      I did have some fun fishing, but I guess that because it was truely randomised and involved some skill rather than buying gear combinations and performing repetitive button actions...

      To summerise, I would have to say, there is only one obvious way to play this game for it to be rewarding or enjoyable... the game mechanics, rewards, pretty much everything make sure the end game is geared towards the PvP... So the idea of "making your own story".... its a bit false advertising...

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    • I can see your disappointment with the advertising and what you actually found in terms of your expectations. A sandbox game is no themepark with quests that walks you through a pre-defined story. I do like the tutorial quests though to have an easy start but they are limited as it should be. For quest lovers you are better of with FFXIV. For pure survival and freedom to build you might try Life is feudal.

      Nothing prevents you from creating your own story. Find some likeminded friends and read some of the Lore (which exists indeed and tells you about history, factions and the world, rudimentary but allowing for your own imagination how things could develop. The link is on the very bottom of the official website or here). You don’t have neither to PvP, Gather, Trade, Cook or build a house to create a story.

      I have no issues in doing that and I can share it with whomever I run into. It‘s not the fault of any game features that you have issues with. I can provide you with some tips on roleplaying if you are interested and provide further sources how to connect to other people that are interested in any storyline creation.

      But from your post I take that you already called it the day which is fair enough for your own free-to-play experience. Otherwise you can share some thoughts about your storytelling in the Chronicles of Albion section of this forum and I am sure some people will pick it up from there. Thanks and all the best from my end.
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    • Ok sorry Beywulf but what you have here is a problem of the definition of "make your own story" vs "I want to Role-Play Fan-Fiction" Making your own story in a game means you are an active part of the game and actions have consequences, what you do shapes the outlook of the game even in minute details. Saying "I want to RP" is sitting down with a written out text file of "history" and making up fan-fiction stories of what your character does in the world without actually playing the game itself. This is something you learn if you go play on RP servers in other MMOs like WoW or FFXIV. Making my own story in a sandbox MMORPG should be something like choosing to be a crafter and making gear for the guild, gathering up materials, or being a part of the dungeon clearing team bringing back ancient relics. Getting into this game for a couple of months myself I have to agree with Mcloki here, there is only really 1 single story to play out. "Level up, join a guild, PVP, win a territory, defend it. All the PVP!!!" there isn't really anything else. Crafting and Gathering is nice and appealing but there's a difficulty in finding a place if that's all you want to do, as if you want to even hit in the T6-8 areas you have to be ready to PVP, and it won't be just a handful of people, it'll be 8-10 people gangs out killing anyone who looks like they have nice stuff to take.

      The game as a whole isn't all that great as they advertise it to be, so much is locked behind PVP rewards that the only thing there is to say about this game is that it's a massive MMO Open World MOBA. There isn't even a goal for clearing the world bosses outside of the chance to get more Silver for it and possibly some items that you can get anywhere else. And since you provided the link for the "Lore" about the game, that's all backstory lore, nothing that goes on during the game's playable time period is affected by it. Factions sound interesting except the fact that you literally have 0 use for that information, you can't join a faction, and from the way the game is setup it seem all players in the world are Royalists. Adding into the game more customization for the island, changing things in the game's core mechanics to allow various other methods of play besides having to go out and PVP would be nice as well.
    • Yep. I am not disagreeing with you and OP that the RPG in MMORPG should be looked at much more closely by the game designers. Such marketing surely attracts a player base that looks for RPG elements and finds out that there is very little to do after a month unless you enter penalized PvP or roleplay on your own (ideally they have already premium subbed to get the island during that time from a monetary perspective). Because you are limited in terms of upgrading gear and time. Features that have potential such as emotes, skins, housing, factions are having cosmetical impact only to justify the RP aspect in marketing. Which is sad but obvious.

      Technocracy is killing the soul of each roleplaying game. As many people compare this to EvE Online, the technocracy there is so outstanding maniac, and the storytelling is so repetitive, quests are massively boring, and non PvP players are bullyied as carebears and ganked by Code (with the insane permission by CCP and putting it under a roleplaying helmet). After 15 years of playing EvE I could write a book about all the theories behind that. Now coming back to OP and missing RPG basic elements in AO, it’s first and foremost the player base that influences what they get. As of now there is very little interest in anything else apart from PvP with the majority having adopted to what this game offers. The need to address more solo-play/small guild PvE (e.g. Mists aka Wormholes) activities has been recognized but it is yet to be proven how well this will be implemented. I personally think it is a fine line to serve just one part of playstyle on the long run. Once you screw up with that community they could walk away quickly and turn to something else.
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    • I found that in order to make something that matters you need to get involved with other players, join a guild, take a castle, take a territory, make a hideout, force other players to abandon an area or forge alliances. So in order to influence something you need to be part of something larger than yourself. By being solo you can influence whatever you touch, meaning you can be a kick-ass ganker that is a fear to be seen by others and thus you forge your own legend, or by being a super arena player. As with every mmo out there you need to be top in order to matter.

      Also keep in mind that this game is a marathon, not a sprint, you need months or years invested in order to experience the whole of it. As you gain money and specialisation things will be moving up for you, but you need those things in order to "be" someone, leave blue zones, go to yellow or reds for some thrill and when you feel confident and with enough silver 10m+ start going into BlackZones, find parties for hellgates or raids.

      And if you really want to play SIMS just buy some furniture and place them out in the open...