Arcane/Mace 1h! 8.0patch?!

    • Arcane/Mace 1h! 8.0patch?!


      Soooo, i want too ask staff, what you think too do with arcane soon and mace 1h?
      I don't understand why you still not buffed Q for arcane, and his dispel for w, or mana drain.
      It's so weak, now all fights run's 0-10 minutes, but still have full mana(!??!?!?!?!! all have soo big mana reg, why? ) i try too use full build for mana drain ( heavy armor for mana drain + w mana drain ) = i take 20% of mana from enemy = it's a joke?
      Why arcane must play only zvz, why don't have any change for solo play or small group.
      Same you nerfed 1h mace, now no one play it, all run axe, spear, bow - one shot build 95%.

      Q at arcane is broken, i don't see any one who run low mana,so you never get full dps from that skill, only low dps all time
      Same for mana drain from w - it's so funny, for all cast you take less that 15% of mana pool from enemy, but for this very long time enemy kill you. (after 10 sec, enemy get back all mana)

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      Totally agree with you and I am 100/100 with 1H arcane.
      Useless weapon in solo or small group since beta unfortunately...
      Hope they Will fix sonno, specially Q that never reach maximum power and mana drain skills, also for related useless Royal Armor mana drain skills.

      I am thinking about re-spec of nothing change soon.. too much time wasted waiting for nothing...
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      Yes, now 1h mace is most useless wepon in game after some other mace (lol)
      I don't understand why mace is low dps and low cc - spear have longer cc LOL!? Why!? Spear have big burst dps, speed, cc.

      When i came back and see that animation of new skill from 1h mace, i was shocked - it's very slow, when some one run, you can't catch with that, because when you fly at place you like autism stay 1 sec more there, same with w, and what we see? You are not moving faster with that skills, like daggers,spears,hammers and other wepons.
      You don't have any dps or CC, because (w) is 2+ - minus enemy CC defense and they stay less that 1 sec. Curse "w" is longer 2 times!? How its like? When you run tank and curse in leather armor have longer CC that you heavy and your dps is like 4 times less that him!?