Frostborne Castle – a home for relaxed yet determined players // 2 Hideouts // FS-based

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    • Frostborne Castle – a home for relaxed yet determined players // 2 Hideouts // FS-based


      Frostborne Castle


      Hidden deep within the Black Zone's snowy mountains lies Frostborne Castle.
      Are you ready to venture into the outlands?


      Hello & welcome to Frostborne Castle, possibly the last guild you will ever join.

      We see ourselves as a mature gamers guild. What we find most important is to have fun and to be respectful and helpful towards each other. We are here to enjoy our time ingame, but we understand that there are more pressing things such as family or work. Even though we are only a small guild of about 35 members, we strive to play with efficiency and determination, helping each other to improve over time. With that said, we don’t ask anyone to play content that they aren’t interested in. However, we do provide daily PvE/PvP end-game content for those who want to join!

      We are looking to carefully grow our numbers, hand-picking our trainees from all applications – don’t worry, showing some motivation to play with us is mostly what it takes to get in – and doing our best to fully integrate all newcomers into our established circles.

      This is Us

      • Friendly atmosphere
      • Active and mature beginner and veteran players
      • Based in Fort Sterling
      • Black Zone-oriented
      • 2 Hideouts w/ complete set of crafting stations
      • Daily fame farm and PvP
      • Small-scale events

      Basic Joining Requirements

      • Relaxed attitude, yet serious about cooperation
      • Over 18+ of age
      • Activity in Discord, use of microphone highly recommended
      • Able to wear and afford T6 gear or equivalent (e.g. T5.1)

      Sparked your interest? Join our Discord, chat with us, ask us anything!

      Do you want to apply? Please post a screenshot of your character screen and message @officers or Enjitsu/Yoods/Ayenae in Discord for an interview! Thank you.

      This post is dedicated to Ben. We miss you.

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