• There are thousands of MMORPG games out there in which after a death you don't lose all your items. This is very frustrating from the point that to win a good item, you have to go to a T7 / T8 area, where it is mandatory PVP and generally you will be at a disadvantage against the pks by the surprise effect. There are very viable options to improve this, they would be: create consumable items, such as potions, that provide protection against losing 100% of the items .. or maybe transform some areas T3 / T4 of the blue / yellow zone, into t6 / t7. Even create an option where players, who are premium, can buy a daily loss reduction bonus.Anyway, it's frustrating and many people give up on the game for that reason. That is my opinion. :thumbup:
    • In my opinion this idea is completly stupid.
      Sorry don't want to offend you, i'm bad in english so i don't know how to say it in an other way.

      The high gears (t6-t8) should be only reachable with risk.
      Thats fine like this because you can get "higher tier" by full spec.
      If t6 and t7 zones what be blue the prices will drop drastically and so t4-5 will be completly useless...
      Nobody would use them.
      I frick u all
    • Even if for some reason they added a T7 blue zone (which I hope they don't) the fame would be dog shit. The tier in zone while important is not what makes black super strong it is the fame bonuses applied to each of these zones for taking the risk of playing in a full loot area. This bonus is your incentive for taking on additional risk. For gatherers the incentive is higher tier resources.
    • Having played MMOs for 15+ years I have to say in my opion SpeedYonY prespective is ill informed.

      You can absolutely 100% have good drops in non pvp areas and not wreck the market economy. Plenty of games do it. You just need to make sure the dungeon creatures are challenging enough so actual skill and high level gear is required to defeat them.

      There seems to sad ethos in this game where PvP players know they won't survive unless they force starting players to venture out into the PvP areas. SO they want to do anything they can to make the PvP elements of this game crap...

      The game developer should do themselves a favour and stop listening to them so much... this game is not going to survive on the trajectory its currently taking...
    • The other games you mention don't have a 100% player based economy. In Albion, the loss of items and partial destruction of them drives the entire economy, if it did not exist, the market would soon be flooded with a ton of worthless items and there would be no point in creating new items, because there would be no demand. Dying and losing equipment is an IMPORTANT part of AO gameplay. One of the main rules of the game is "more risk = more reward" and no more difficult monsters are no risk.
    • I believe that an item or even a potion that would protect a few items from being looted and could be recovered for payment, would be very positive for most players and would make the lives of gankers a little worse. The issue is the lack of content in general which makes gank and dives content that attracts many players because it is something other than collecting or making dungeons
    • Having hit this point myself I do have to say I wish there was a better solution for the T6-T8 Black/Red zone for Gatherers. Currently the Gathering gear doesn't compare well with people in normal PVP or even PVE spec gear. So all a group of gankers has to do is dive on the gatherer and even if he has a set of body guards there's very little they can do to keep the very squishy Gatherer from being creamed. This is also an issue of the 1v5 outnumbering situation, being in a group of 3 or so and seeing a group of 10+ coming in to gank means all they have to do is focus 1 shot a player and instantly ruin a Gatherer's day. Also gathering in general doesn't have the same rewards in Black/Red zones that PVE and PVP has. There is NO Fame bonus to gathering as it sits, only the small increase from the fact it's a higher tier. Nothing like the huge multiplier that killing a Mob or a Player has to it in both Fame and Silver (from the Mob) that you get for venturing into the Black Zones. And since the higher the tier the longer it takes to gather a single material and the higher amount of that material you need to make the refined crafted materials, you end up with a higher single standing time point allowing for gankers to find you more often than if you were going around from dungeon to dungeon or mob group to mob group.

      Adding in something to make it more worthwhile for gatherers to venture out into the T6-8 zones would bring the prices on the MB down a bit, but it wouldn't crash the market on T4-5 items as you still need to have them made in order to level up the crafting level to make higher tier and you have the risk of losing the higher tier items to gankers still present to keep prices high on T6-8 gear and decent on T4-5. Only affect I can foresee it would have is that T6-8 gear would drop a bit in price as more would be getting made, the T4-5 supply would stay unchanged for the most part as crafters would still see it as a slow steady gain versus the higher risk gain of trying to sell more T6-8. I can see the possibility of people buying more T6-8 to counter the gankers who are out risking the T6-8 more often, but also given the fact you have farm out the Fame to be able to even Use T6-8 gear by farming out 30+ levels of that type of armor, each piece of it, by killing mobs while wearing at least a T3 piece then you will still have plenty of players buying out the T4-5 gear cause it's all they can use for a while. Now if the game stops getting new players then T4-5 will drop off in price and T6-8 will be the main preferred gear if you made it easier to farm out. However going in that line of thought it will eventually be nothing but T8 gear all around if new players stop coming in to level up.

      So I do think having something done to make it a bit safer for Gatherers would be a good idea. One option is similar to the change they made for Faction Flagging. Currently if you are Faction Flagged in a yellow zone then someone who is Normal PVP Flagged can't attack you and you can't attack them. Perhaps adding in a Gatherer Flag would make it where you are unable to assist in PVP but also unable to be attacked. This would mean that you can't participate in ZvZ fighting until you unflag, would also have to make it where you can't enter Dungeons as a Gatherer Flag so as to keep Dungeon groups from being fully immune to PVP. You could even have the Flag linked to wearing a full set of Gatherer Gear. Then you would have the ability for Gatherers to go out an farm in relative peace, only fighting for the resources between themselves, and not diminish the PVP aspect of the game by still allowing Gatherers to gank each other for their items. Seeing as the biggest difference between a person in Gatherer Gear and a person in PVP/PVE gear is the stat boosts that PVP/PVE gear gives in comparison to Gatherer Gear, it would level out the playing field between the Gatherers as they would all have a set of Gatherer Gear on with their Weapon of Choice, and then still have the different tiers being the power factor in them. It would also level out the current Time Invested power gap in PVP, a player just starting out in full T5 vs a player in the same set of T5 but having maxed out the Destiny board for that gear has a huge power difference between the two. Since Gatherer Gear has no bonus to wearing it for the first time or at full 100/100 spec in it, you would have an even footing with the same gear. This would make a market for the Gatherer gear into the same as the normal gear as you'd have to weigh out the risk of losing the higher Tier6-8 gear to someone else, and having the higher bonuses they get for the gathering, or have the cheaper T4-5 gear to risk losing without getting the bonuses.