I can't fish for T5 fish

    • Hey guys I wouldn't call myself a pro fisherman but i'm at tier 6 with 26 mastery. Spotted trout is a troll fish. I still have trouble catching spotted trout but tier 6 fish are easy. I haven't tried tier 7 yet. My suggestion is to see if you can catch higher tier fish. Also I watched the video linked earlier in the thread, that fish was totally catchable. What I've noticed is that spotted trout moves faster in certain regions of the green zone. So you have to find this region. It differs between catches and can even change as you are reeling in the fish. Look carefully for the point where the fish is moving to the right faster than the bob. Once the bob is out of this zone you have to let go just a bit so that it can go back to the start of this sweet spot. Repeat until the fish is caught. Another thing is that the more stuff on the line,the harder it is to reel it in. So 2 brightscale zanders would be harder to reel in than 1. And 2 zanders with seaweed would be harder than just 2 zanders.