HO Bank what hapen to all me stuff??

    • HO Bank what hapen to all me stuff??

      i was helping me friends Guild Blood Sekers in Thetford map V Nortstrand Dunes when u guys start all about HO i put inside gears to fight and gathering gear T8 Lumberjack Set with T8 Avalonian Axe Spectral Direboar alot gathering books empty and filled alot of resourse T6 wood and T7 wood Alot and i read sometime about 30 days i will receive all back on bank ... and there is nothings there i move to a new guild and one HO get destroy and i recieve a msg... that said when i can get me stuff in Morgana rest... so today a ride to check if there was me stufff from thetford and is not there who can help me with that???
    • Hey there,

      if you put items into a Hideout Bank, they are safe there, and will only be transferred on two occasions:

      1. the hideout got destroyed
      2. you used the Hideout Recovery Option.

      In both cases the recovered items will end up in the closest bank, that could be a Royal City, or one of the new Outland Settlements. You will be notified about the location in your ingame mail.

      So please check those again. If you can not find your items, please elaborate on your inquiry, or contact support@albiononline.com