On the Matter of Monopolization

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      Not all players do this for convenience, many are simply misled by the complex calculation

      iRawr wrote:

      The problem is, it is confirmed by yours 100% correct math YOU R using as argument in the last time we talk about it.
      Here is the thing. This isn't complex. This isn't even high school math. This is the most basic entry level math in the game. My math was only there to make sure that some bozo coming along behind us, doesn't look at the mess you posted and think, "Oh this is how I am supposed to do this math!"

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      Right now? Both is scam.

      BUT if you understand it. You can make your choice whether you want to pay the player at the auction extra silver so as not to press these buttons in the building’s interface.

      You will not be scammed, only if you understand why you pay extra silver and agree with this. And here is no "calculations", its obvious, that 864 < 1000 < 2000.
      You triggered my trap card.

      So, you did a very understandable thing. You looked at numbers. Thought about them for a moment. Then reached an "obvious" conclusion. 864 silver is indeed less than both 1000 silver and 2000 silver. So IF all things were equal, then buying a laborer from the house would be strictly superior. The problem is that all things are not equal, and very very rarely are.

      The part that you don't know, and I do know, is that having a laborer contract in your inventory to place it in a dwelling is strictly superior to buying one from the dwelling. This is significantly more true for guild halls, but it's true for houses as well. The reason is that the mechanic for buying and placing laborers from/in the dwelling is both more click intensive and more time intensive. If I have 15 contracts in my inventory I get to place them in rapid succession, only having to wait for the placement timer. All in, about 20 seconds worth of work.

      The process without them in the inventory. It's pretty bad. I was actually about to look for a thread to put the suggestion that SBI change they way it works. Such that when you buy the laborer from the dwelling UI, it just creates a laborer contract and puts it in your inventory. Sometimes you can't even access the menu from inside the house. Which makes it much worse. Anyhow, when you buy them from the UI, you need to do all the clicking and scrolling involved in using it. Then you have to individually walk each and every laborer into the house or guild hall, in order to actually place them in the dwelling. I'm just guessing, but lets say it takes me 3 minutes to do 15 laborers.

      So buying them in town costs you a few seconds, but ignoring that is in my favor so I will ignore it. The main point is that having the contracts in my inventory will reduce the time it takes to place them by 2 minutes and 40 seconds. We can argue that it wouldn't save that much time, but in a moment it will sorta be irrel to bicker over if it saves you 1 minute or 3 minutes.

      So, by getting scammed, purchasing either contract in the market. What is actually happening is that I am saving money. I/NPWB (Normal Person Working Brain) would always rather save the time involved, and use it more productively. Rather than to save a few 100 silver.

      None of which helps me or you, because since so few people understand that I would be willing to buy a T2 Laborer at far above the cost from the dwelling, there is no volume available on the markets. Also, it took a lot of time and effort to be me, and most people prefer to use their time to become themselves, rather than me. So no one really needs to know about, or talk about this. It's just a thing I know, from being a person whose job sometimes involves placing laborers in houses.

      I know lots of things like this though, and I tend to find more and more as I go. And in the same way that your math here ignores reality, your math in other places also ignores reality.
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