Crashing at Character Login

    • Crashing at Character Login

      Just got in the Test Flight, so first off, thank you SBI team!

      However I'm having issues with consistent crashes as soon as I get to the Character Login screen. The game will boot up fine, I can enter my credentials, it shows my characters, and then upon trying to load them in, it crashes at about 40% load. I've tried a few times and waited for a day, thinking it might be server related, no luck.

      Any insight as to what may be going on? This is occurring on an iPad Air 2 64GB. I have plans to get the new iPad Pro 11" later this month, so I'm thrilled for the huge horsepower boost and to try it there, but curious if there's outstanding crash issues with the iOS client right now.
    • Dalton wrote:

      Update to newest iPadOS that came out Tuesday, uninstall the game then restart and reinstall the game, Make sure all apps are closed and orientation lock is not locked. Let me know how that does.
      Thanks Dalton, unfortunately that didn't work. I still get crashes at the Character Select screen, upon trying to load in. Latest 13.4 iPadOS, deleted/uninstalled the game, restarted, re-installed the latest Test Flight client, loaded up, same crashes. Albion is the only app running as well, not even Test Flight or Settings are open.

      I think it might have something to do with RAM limitations. The iPad Air 2 only has 2GB, which may be presenting issues. Either way, I picked up a 2018 iPad Pro 11" yesterday at a great price (Skipping the newest version) and will be giving that a test later today. It will have 4GB RAM, so that might do the trick; I'm sure the beefier processor will help as well.

      I've ran the Android mobile client as well, on both an Essential Phone (4GB RAM) and my now current OnePlus 7T (8GB RAM), and both of those ran without a hitch. The OP7T with the Snapdragon 855+ was also significantly faster and much improved performance wise.
    • I’ve ran it on base 2017 iPad and 2018 Mini. Both runs well. Not sure why having that issue. Ram maybe could be a problem. But I did play it on my iPhone 7 back in 2016. It’s possible they increase the requirements for the game since then. Let me know how the Pro does. Been thinking of moving getting one. Currently in play on my iPhone 11 with no issues and amazing performance. My 2018 Air definitely struggles with the game. They need to get better iOS and MacOS optimization as a whole by supporting Apple’a Metal architecture.
    • Just loaded it up on my 2018 iPad Pro 11", and HOLY COW! It runs super smooth. Easily getting 100+ FPS, under 10 ms response times, very very smooth at medium settings, and plenty of room to bump up to high/ultra.

      With keyboard and pointer/trackpad support now, the iPad really is an amazing option for Albion. Runs considerably better than my Surface Pro 7 i5, which is between 50-60 fps at medium settings, but the battery drain is a killer there.

      I think I just found my new device companion for when I travel for work!
    • Nope, no real issues with keyboard and mouse. It's more of trying to find the right combination for the iPad. Very intrigued by the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, but HATE the insane price point...

      Right now I'm using a Magic Keyboard 2 (Wireless, compact desktop version) with a travel case and then just a Logitech bluetooth mouse. Works well enough for basic tasks and regular play. Nothing intense PvP or ZvZ wise.