Gathering Changes in Patch 8

    • Tabor wrote:

      I do not fully understand what they mean by "Add a few clusters in the outer ring of the Outlands to have the city population spread out a bit further". If this means add even more tiles to that BZ that would be a hard no the BZ is already far to big and most zones go completely unused as is. Also they could add 90 zones to the BZ and the people in the Royal cities still will not come out. The amount of zones is not the problem it is the painful mechanics for all non zerg guild players.

      • You should have 5 or 6 spread out realm gates per Royal city similar to pre Queen. Unnecessary time needs just to get to content is a huge no no in this day in age. It also accomplishes nothing to need to run 8 zones except piss people off. And yes if you did this you could probably remove the band aid invis shrine thing.
      • HO's are garbage and only for zergs. Add stations to BZ cities to make them legitimate places to live for other majority of your population that does not want to or should have to bend the knee to zergs just to play the game.
      • Add about triple the amount of WCs you currently have in map. Once again it is not fun to run 6 zones to get loot and immediately need to run 6 zones back again to drop off because you are full.
      • Add more content for small groups to do. The road map has some nice stuff listed which is a good start. Think about revamping roaming mobs, hidden treasures, and mob camp chests since that is dead content now.
      If you make it a little less painful just to actually play in the BZ more people will finally venture from the overloaded Royals to play there and most likely even be ok being killed a few times. Being killed is just 10x more frustrating for your game population if it happens after they had to run 7 zones just to get somewhere.
      If only the would do everything you just mentioned...

      I really don't understand why the portals are so close together. What are they trying to achieve here?

      Another thing I would add is that when you die you can choose to spawn at your WC. Either WC or HO/Rests not all three.
    • Roccandil wrote:

      ImaDoki wrote:

      If there is little to no gank, people will bring better gear and suffer more of a loss when the gank eventually happen.

      If there is too much gank, people bring shit stuff and the gankers start leaving since it's not worth the time to gank.
      You're assuming that the people being ganked continue to play the game. I'd consider that a bad assumption.
      If people can't take being ganked they are playing the wrong game. Unless the game is totally unbalanced towards the ganker side there is no reason to complain about ganking.

      And, TODAY, ganking is so nerfed it's almost funny how people still complain.