Portal Zones Still Funnel Players.

    • Portal Zones Still Funnel Players.

      With the new tunnel options in portal zones and the new invs options it does help the portal ganking problem but there is still the problem for zones next to the portal zones. The new tunnels just enter into the next map which some only have 1 EXIT to get deeper into the blackzone, Meaning the other gate option only heads towards a different portal. I still believe the map design around portal zones is bad, Theses zones next to portals some only have 1 REAL exit to leave into the next zone, The second gate option only returns you back towards another portal with uselly only 1 real exit heading toward the middle of the blackzone, The zones next to the portal zones need tunnel options aswell, The map design around the portal funnels players too much and who ever designed the maps around the portals had no idea what he was doing in turns of how they were designed, Meaning they should have never been designed in a funnel design, Every zone around the portals should have 4 gate options. Meaning 3 or 4 gate options heading AWAY from the portals and toward the center, The problem is the limited amount of gate options if you want to head deeper into the blackzone. In the screenshot believe I will show you what I mean about the limited gate options to get to the center/deeper into the blackzone.

      Fullsize HERE

      I have marked the only gates that lead toward the center of the blackzone and each zone only turly has 1 gate to get more into the blackzone, The other gate options only make you head to the next zone from one of the other portal options, Meaning there really is only 1 gate for each portal option to get into the center of the blackzone, Gankers only needed to move 1 zone over, Tunnel options should be added to theses zones also.

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    • From my experience I've had zero gankers near or around portals, however as a suggestion, have you tried walking to the next region instead of using the invisible buff right away?

      If you do, as soon as you port into the next zone if you see gankers you can turn back and activate the invisibility buff and get back safely without them being able to chase you down.
    • Akhenaden wrote:

      Portal gankers have not been resolved, they have become extinct. I am against camping in portals, but I consider gankers a fundamental piece for the albion, if every time you die for a ganker, you come to the forum asking for an invisible sanctuary, we will all play in a big blue zone.
      I wouldn't worry about it. Gankers still exist and thrive if they are good enough.

      Removing Portal ganking just got rid of the easiest , lowest risk form of ganking. If anything it's forcing bad players to get better at the game.

      I'd rather have new players die by dudes with swiftclaws and claws instead of 20 people camping an exit looking for a free kill.
    • This is more for the zones next to the portal zones then the portal zones themself, The zones next to the portal funnel players through 1 gate option for each portal and this is a problem I feel, If it hasn't started to be camped yet it will.

      Ps. There is no invs option in the zone next to the portals with only 1 gate option to get deeper into the blackzone.