Subclasses, ranged to melee , melee to ranged

    • Subclasses, ranged to melee , melee to ranged

      Its not really a suggestion. more like a idea for discuss.
      Nowdays a have little bit more time to think and thought about this game.
      As the tittle say i try to rethink some classes as a different weapon but with same mechanics..
      (The numbers only numbers dont compare to anything. Its for the mechanics)

      Nature Staff Fighter: Ranged to melee
      Describe the weapon look: Blackhands but more look like some tendril going up to the shoulder
      Class type: Frontline healer, Juggernaut, Self-sustaining tank

      Passive: Seed
      Describe: Every auto-attack place a Seed on the opponent (stack up to 2 times). Stack will disappear after 12 second

      First Q skill: Tagging
      Describe: You gain 20% movement speed for 1,5 second and your next two auto-attack will heal you up with 40 + 2% of your max healt.
      CD: 7 second
      Second Q skill: Whipping
      Describe: While this is activated you gain a 180 degree auto-attack. Secondary target get 60% of the basic damage. Seed will spread through this enemies
      CD: toggleable

      First W skill: Grow
      Describe: In a 15m radius it will activate the seeds. Seeds will start growing for 2 second / seed while dealing 60 damage / second. After the end it will root for 1second / seed.
      CD: 20 second
      Second W skill: Harvest
      Descrribe: In a 15m radius it will activate the seeds. For the next 5 second if anybody damage any Seeded enemy will gain a 30 heal regeneration for 5 second. (stack up to 3 times)
      CD: 20 seconds

      E skill: Living forest
      Describe: For the next 2 second cant use any skills and you going to slow down to 0. After it you will be invulnerable for 5 second. When you going invulnerable you sacrifice 15% of your max health and deal 12% as magic damage in a 6m radius. Every 0.5 second you deal 2% of the enemies max health. Its roots every mob.
      CD: 45 second

      Short weapon ideas with the key ideas:

      Bow Fighter: Ranged to melee/mid-ranged
      Describe the weapon look: Its more like the dagger pair but with smaller knifes and stealth pose. Small bow on the back.

      First Q skill:
      Describe: While you channeling your bow you lose 30% movement speed for 1 second. After it hit the enemy the enemy will get a growing slow down for 30% in 3 second. Your next basic attack will gain 200 physical damage in the next 3 second.
      CD: 7 seconds
      Second Q skill:
      Describe: You gain 10% movement speed while you are channeling your bow. Dealing 80 physical damage for up to 3 times. The channel will brake if the enemy is 13m away.

      Spear Fgihter: Melee to Ranged
      Describe the weapon: Javeline on the hand and some on the waist.

      E skill:
      Describe: Its more like a Heron spear but it will push the enemies to the destination area in a line.and stun them.


      The pyromancer, frost, cursed would be sooo cool with some melee weapon variations, if you have any idea just share it with me im really courius what others think about it.


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