Add more energy draining abilities or weapons

    • Add more energy draining abilities or weapons

      The royal armor is a great example of this as well as the arcane staff ability (I think they are the only ones left with this mechanic), it can make some interesting and niche builds, I would like to see more of this mechanic as I believe it can be used to counter prolonged fights or even healers in 1v1.
    • i would also like more attrition gameplay options that arent purely based on dots

      but in this special case - mana drain - its not possible to balance i think
      even before the addition of lymhurst cape, increased popularity of royal cowl etc. nobody used mana drain comps (saw like 1 HG vid with successful mana drain comp and it seemed like their win was more thanks to skill difference)
      we have way too many options to get mana back
      if u wanna make mana drain a viable option it would be either easily countered or super strong im afraid

      stuff like royal armor or arcane mana drain channel could get additional effects like "target gets 20% less mana from all sources for the next 10s".
      so not only "steal mana/make lose mana" but other effects. real debuffs. i would like a working version :).

      and while were at it: give us some hexes like "next (only Q and W) heal on target deals damage instead / drains x mana from healer / silences healer for 2 seconds" please
    • Maybe items like curse staffs can get additional utility like drain mana from enemy or it drains yours (skills cost more energy). All in all I agree with Kayl and it might not be worth making more items but instead re-work the existing ones into doing something else, but ye hate to see items see no-use because of mechanic not being relevant anymore.