Negative numbers bug while installing the game

    • Negative numbers bug while installing the game

      I'm new in Albion and i have been experimenting lots of problems in the moment of the installation. Fristly, whenever the Mbytes part reached between 200-100 Mbytes, it would inmeaditaly turn into ''-13234233'' negative numbers but the green bar would still continue to end (even thought the Mbytes numbers were negative). Even with the bar full it wouldn't do anything when reaching the end. I've read some people getting the same problem with the negative numbers error already and i haven't seen any real solution more than the re-installation. But what if it fails again during the re-instalation? I'm pretty sure the same thing may happen again even if i decide to download it from 0, so i would like to know if there's something else to do.

      In the picture the bar was about to reach the end after hours of installation.
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