Time to remove portal locks

    • Time to remove portal locks

      Dear SBI,

      With your recent changes and penalties for owning excessive amounts of territory we no longer have a need for portal locks. Your new system should hamper the power projection that the portal locks were intended to stop. Further with the new map design all the most valuable territories are found in the center of the map so the portal locks provide limited benefit in that capacity as well. The downside of portal locks has always hurt the small scale players more if not as much as the major alliances. I think it is time to reevaluate the need for these locks now that all these other changes to curb power projection have been implemented. I think removing the locks would breathe some more life into the BZ that has been decaying each week since the launch of Queen.
    • The portal there originally WAS there for a reason. Now these reasons have been taken care of by other guaranteed mechanics. Dildoswag how it hinders solo/small scale players and these types of players typically have friends all over the place in different guild. One day maybe they want to run 2s with x guy out of Martlock and next day other friend out of Lym. Or maybe as a solo diver I want to explore all areas in a reasonable manner without running through 50 of them to change locks constantly. On another note maybe the big guilds would actually fight each other instead of carving out their own little areas in each portal lock (although I agree fat chance of this happening). Either way it seems the positives would outweigh the negatives at this point. The BZ is actually dead as ever while YZ/RZ are jam packed this is because of the pain in the ass mechanics that now exist in BZ for anyone not choosing to be in mega zerg. Long runs with no extremely limited storage options. I am a bit off topic now but the entire BZ needs a lot of tweaking yet. It was sold as an update for making BZ livable for everyone when it fact it made it 10x worse for small/medium scale.
    • Portal locks still limit power projection of large alliances. If an alliance wants to power project through the whole map now they have to hold the center of the map which is the most valuable and can be attacked from all sides which should make it challenging to hold.

      For example if we remove portal locks, a guild that is based out of one city can easily bully guilds in any other city without having to run far to relock or regear their forces.

      Removing portal locks also devalues hideouts and rests in favor of royal cities because living out of a royal city gives far more entry points to the blackzone than a hideout or rest.

      SBI specifically said they would rework the royal continent for small groups and solo players. You don't have to worry about portal locks when playing with your friends in the royal continent. Lets wait to see what they do here.

      While it may suck as a solo player to have to deal with portal locks, it will suck even more for many guilds if they remove portal locks entirely making it even easier for large zergs to power project anywhere in the blackzone.
    • Lanyday wrote:

      Removing portal locks also devalues hideouts and rests in favor of royal cities because living out of a royal city gives far more entry points to the blackzone than a hideout or rest.
      a fat LOL...

      Tho we agree there is 0 good reason to limit movement reach in the BZ if ur small scale/ solo.. we also agree the game design of the BZ, the freaking sandbox zone, is not for small scale and solo even if the dev team saying otherwise (they said small guild, dominik even said even tiny guild can have a home in BZ now, at the publicity stunt queen launch video.. we agree it was bullshit)

      What u were saying limiting alliance projection... since the fix to limit their power (another fat LOL) they doing alt guild with alt characters.. if those big alliance player do not have other alt to PvP give them the time with alt guild of alt character.. it'S about time before they can cover all 5 cities with those...

      So im asking you one thing what is longer to lvl up an alt to PvP or gathering to t8? Cuz to me, every gathering t8 should give me one more city lock or at least portail lock... why? I could be able to do group of small scale/solo gatherer and hunt aspect on the big alliance territory if i had some mobility reach on the BZ.. maybe the incoming mist thing gonna help me to do that who knows...

      As a small scall PvErs.. why i should be limited to one city BZ content when i try to form a group on the LFG or with my friend list? there is 0 good reason to limit my content reach to only one BZ cuz of the billionair from the big alliances they already got 90% of all the t7-t8 maps from the game while 95% of the community play hardcore they gather 90% of all the t7-t8 mats in a softcore zerg train mode.. what about the risk reward everyone like to talk about?

      Well this is a huge problem on albion we're all there talking of the same game while im playing it Hardcore mode and poeple that playing in softcore mode deciding the road this game gonna take (big alliance leader) making my hardcore game extra hardcore cuz im playing with the same set of rules these no balls players using (limiting my BZ reach cuz of them)

      Tho we agree lanyday i do not belong in the BZ as a small scale player.. but the dev saying otherwise,, maybe it's time to take action so the design can follow the dev will..

      Once more there is 0 good reason from a small scale perspective to limit my movement reach in the black zone when the big alliance have the protection with the number and owning territory plus have a shit load of hideout everywhere on the map, when they gather on their terri 9 time of of 10 they see other player it's allies me it's 9 times out of 10 i got chass by his 5-30 allies and the one time out of 10 im like him being chass by a solo, lost, ganker.. give me that movement projection as small scale in that BZ so i can steal them a few aspects and it wont take 2 hours to form a group of PUG to raid some 5 men group dungeons cuz we're limited to only one city pool to draft player in this case...

      Edit: one more thing if u give more portail acces make sure to remove those extar access for each hideout the player have acces to ;)

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    • Lanyday wrote:

      Removing portal locks doesn't affect just solo/small guild players it affects everyone. There needs to be a solution to your complaints that improves game play for solo players without affecting large guild power projection. Removing portal locks is not that solution.

      Maybe 'roads of albion' is.
      That's why i was suggesting, at least for gatherer give us one more portail acces for each tier 8 gathering skills.. like everyone can have one portail (not city) but portail bound... give us 1 more for each t8 gathering.. so if im bound to east sterling portail and have skinning to t8 i could bound one more portail like in bridgewatch.. make sure to remove those extra bounded portail for each hideout i have access to..

      Even the hideout access system should be limited... i was not suggesting to remove the portail 7 days lock... even if it's about time with big alliance change and the h/o before they can bypass this system of power projection with these alts characters/guilds..

      For the road of ablion i wanna see the full design on paper to know where SBI gonna fuck it up.. cuz i wont gonna lie first vid for the hideout (like 3 month before queen) i was like wtf... it's gonna be a tool for big alliances when it was presented for something to me.. solo/small.. so yeah the mist thing/road thing presented for me i have 0 trust in it before seeing all the design of that.. cuz i wouldnt be surprised if that thing was teleporting u on rng spot(artefact rng heresie), u would have to pay big money to have access(the softcore easy button for big alliances the H/O), it could only be a safe travel home (weak easy button design)... u know 0 trust before seeing the full design on paper..

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