Albion Roadmap Update 2020

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    • At this point, I think it would be relevant to just remove openworld PVP (or at just keep the royals).
      Everything is starting to get instanced.
      Wasn't that supposed to be an open world ? The only openworld thing really happening in the BZ is map overcrowding for kickout ZVZ.

      PVE is a dead content. Everyone is blaming HCE because they don't even know what they are talking about. Some drastic changes have to be made for PVE to get more fun in openworld again :
      => give some weapons PVE damages bonus.
      => Rewards/fame are to be personnal (meaning you get same fame/money if you 3 in a party of 7)
      => Give random dungeons gate like AVA roads. 7/7 for party ; 2/2 for small ones.
      => Put a gate at the entrace of dungeon which can only be destroyed if there are for example 3 or 4 difference sources of damage (like a reverse zerg mechanism)
      => Once gate is destroyed, everyone gets a warning people are comming and you can't A-out => You get time to switch spells/gear don't get surprise attack (hello mobs damage not getting reduced if 5 players are htting on your face)
      => only way to espace if either to finish the dungeon and escape through a gate or run to the exit after crossing path with the invaders.

      Openworld PVE should be more rewarding
      If you want to earn benefits for territories you have to do stuff in the area (gathering / PVE). If unallianced people are farming/gathering in your area, they are stealing you season points and essences.
      Give static dungeon more love. Punish scouting harder (-XXX season point to the guild of people caugh scouting)

      Changing PK status for royals => same as faction PVP, can only be done in town and removed in town. Remove karma system it only makes PK unable to defend again T4 whiteknights zergs of wanabe justicars, hence an other mechanism preventing PVP.

      Give worldbosses a huge amount of season points. Big alliances should be fighting over to kill them.

      Give PVE more meaning => IP scalling is a joke now compared to the start of the game. In a couple of days your character is ready for exerything if you know what you're doing.
      The only moment the game was trully fun to play PVE wise, it was at te release with No respec / no HCE / No random dungeons, low level of fame farming. With few spots you had to defend the area and fight because there was billions of peole ready to take your spot.