A Suggestion for the Rat problem in 2v2 Hellgates

    • A Suggestion for the Rat problem in 2v2 Hellgates

      People find a problem with 2v2 HG rats, whilst I understand that SBI is trying their best to look into how to "incentivise" people to come in as a 2 rather than solo rat build, why is it not possible for the bat in the OW to enrage when there is only 1 person killing it?

      In 5v5s if there is only 3 people trying to get in the 5 gate, the boss enrages and will one shot your entire team, so if for 5v5s this mechanic is possible then surely for 2s its possible too?

      I am welcome to hearing any opinions or counter suggestions
    • Disregard wrote:

      1v2 is possible considering the quality of most 2v2 players, no reason to remove it

      All they need to do:
      20k hp on the chest (rn 2100)
      Only the team that kills chest can loot it
      you can instantly leave the gate 3-5 min after the chest dies
      it is not like everyone knows that this would be the easy, working & desired solution

      The good question is - why they not implement it