Black Flag presents | THE CROSS | Public Hideout

    • Black Flag presents | THE CROSS | Public Hideout

      We have built an exceptional, fully upgraded n public Tier 3 hide-out in Murdergulch Cross that is located near Morgana's Rest. This hide-out in Piratez Row is fully stocked to cater to your needs, whether it be your an honorable gatherer and are in need of laborer books. Or yer a bunch of spawns of Satan :evil: n need poisons to gank n kill people, THE CROSS is for you!! Many, many travelers have been looking for such a place since Queen's launch over Albion, the wait is over, yer Albion Mecca is HERE!! 8o

      If you're worried about market stability on land and safety of your stored goods for a long period. Please be reassured that Black Flag has a long history of friendship with most players within Albion. And we look to keep "off the hit-list" and protect our investment, as well as yours. If ever a shield be lost, please feel free to join the discord at the bottom and reach out to us and ask about the state of things. :love:

      ALL GENERAL questions or comments concerning our hide-out please leave in this thread here. If you or your guild has an en-devour that you would like a more personal form of contact with us for, please join our discord server here @myself or 1 of my officers upon arrival. :thumbup:

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    • :!: :!: * ATTENTION * :!: :!:

      Until further notice, if your guild needs entry to THE CROSS you will be put on a waiting list. Once a spot is free you will be notified of approval and let into the public/but not really public anymore/ hide-out. We are very sorry for this change with our service. But some are threatened by the possibility of certain vagabonds using our hide-out.

      As it stands, the best way to get the things inside our hide-out that you can no longer access will be to join our discord here and @ an officer ||