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  • Frammshamm wrote:

    Id be fine if i didnt have a 16 hr work day ahead of me and i didnt specifically have my alarm wake me up 2.5 hours early just so i could play a bit before going in today. some people actually set their schedules to the timelines we are given and Ill bet that some people, not just me, actually expect those timelines to be adhered to.

    If you haven't learnt this lesson by now, you probably never will but schedules are based around a succession of things happening at a specific time. Software and hardware ( amongst other things) have always and will continue to have a poor on time delivery because of their very nature. This is further compounded by the fact we in an alpha test phase....if you truly wish for a software house to adhere so rigorously to a schedule, then at least wait until the damn thing is at release state, not in a development stage.