Hideout Recovery Button on sign Misleading

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    • Hideout Recovery Button on sign Misleading


      I would like to comment on the button outside of the hideout called "recovery", This option allows you to move your items ahead of the hideout getting destoryed, This option needs to be changed to something else other then recovery, This option is very unclear on how it works because if you don't know the game automaticly moves items it could very easily make you think this is the option to use if the hideout starts being attacked, To recover something means to gain access back to something you have lost accesses too, Our hideout had come understand attack and I had used this thinking I needed to set the system to recover my items if the hideout was lost, This was not the case, This option moves all your items right away, Why it does this I don't know, Who would want to move there items before the hideout is even lost, The button should be changed to Move items, Not recover items, Again to recover something you must lose access to them first, With still having access to theses items this makes the name of this system very confusing and will cause people to move items when not wanting to, Like in my case, I also have posted this in support and they will not move items back to the hideout even though it wasn't destoryed, So now I have a ton I mean a ton of items that I cannot access and must wait 28 days to even try to get them back plus Its going to cost me a ton of silver to recovery the items from the city,(Which is pretty funny since I used a button called recovery to literly causes me to LOSE access to the items) This sign outside needs to be changed from Recovery to Move Items to be more clear and stop the chances of people moving items they didn't want moved, Also if any devs can help me with my items it would very much save my day, I do however want to stop this from happening to anyone else.

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    • I agree with you on this, since I too misunderstood what was going to happen to my items and I lost 3 tabs full of gear. Not only did it move my items further away from the HO its going to charge me 10 times the amount to get them back. It took me a little while to build up that inventory and I don't make a lot of silver so the amount of silver they want to return it is way out of my reach. Now Ive had to start all over with t4 gear and try and start a new inventory because its not anywhere near worth it to recover my items. Why must I rebuy all my gear? It almost seems like they want me to buy more gold so I can have my items back but Im not doing it, its cheaper to buy new stuff ,it"ll just take me longer.You shouldn't have to pay to recover your items to begin with. Also it shouldn't move the items to the nearest outlands city, it needs to return to a portal city. Even if I paid for my items I have no way of transporting them back from all the way across the map without losing them to gankers. I made this first mistake but my last HO b4 this one was destroyed and so my punishment was the same, more items pushed further into the map and ridiculous silver requirement for their return.You also lose the tabs you bought so there is even more silver down the tubes.So far the Queen has wanted more and more of my silver with no rewards for any of it. The loot is horrible, the gathering is a joke but I love this game so Im holding out to see if anything changes. Please change the Recovery Process .Ill wait the 28 days but stop charging us to have what we already paid for once ,back. Rant Over