The CAPE should be like a BAG! Doesn't Influence IP

    • The CAPE should be like a BAG! Doesn't Influence IP

      It is not possible to understand why Item Power has an influence on the Item Power Average. .

      But in my opinion, the CAPE should be like a BAG!

      BAG ---------- (DO NOT ENTER ACCOUNT)

      CAPE ----------- (ALSO SHOULD NOT COUNT)
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    • Shevarage wrote:

      Lol Avereage IP power already has no value. Keeping the cap in the calculation or not will still make it totally irrelevant. The weapon has the same weight as the boots ...

      If you really want something relevant. ask for a display for each part or equipement.
      What ? I think you dont understand what i said...

      Im talking about Item Power here and in my opnion CAPE should be like a BAG...

      Doesnt count.

      Doesnt matter if you use tier 4.0 CAPE or 8.3 your AVG Item Power ill be the same = This is what im talkking about
    • and that's you who doens't understand what I'm saying.
      Most important part of a player's gear is most of the time the weapon.

      You feel it's stupid having the cap on the same level as any other piece of equipement in the evereage item power. To me it's as stupid as having the boots which most spells don't scale with IP, and give a low amount of PM/life etc compared to a chest ; helmet or a weapon.

      But do you really feel like a demon cape's IP isn't relevant ? Stay in a 8.3 cape and a 4.0 and tell me the difference.

      It's not about the cap being in the formula. It's about the formula being totally retarded because you can't have a decent one which take in consideration each type of gear and their scaling possibilities. Hence ... it's the everage Item power that doesn't have any value. Why keep it then or ask for changes ?

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