Suggestion Controller support?

    • Recently tried Shadow Tactics (developed by another German independent team by the way). Played it first with keyboard and mouse with similar click to move RTS scheme as in AO. Then with a game controller... The difference is huge. Would never play that with mouse and keyboard again. Well it is a single player game. But I don’t think either controller scheme gives a huge advantage online, either.

      The exact same possibility to use either mouse and keyboard or gamepad could be added to Albion Online. Maybe even release to next generation consoles could be possible?
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    • The idea of it being controller supported is exciting, If they could map the buttons in a viable manner and just make it quick cast only?

      The advantage I think would still be in the mouse and keyboards favor but if they are able to get it controller supported having it fully cross platform with consoles wouldn't be to far behind opening a huge market and possibly a new wave release. I don't know much about he difficulty with making things for console and cross play but if Crema can do it SBO should be able to as well.