I hit the 150 mute cap in 3 days.

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    • I hit the 150 mute cap in 3 days.

      You made this game free to play, gave languages their own channels, but all day I have to see people spamming the /en channel in other languages. This was more or less a non-issue since I could just mute them and not see "PINOY TURK PINOY GUILD PINOY GUILD PINOY PINOY TURK PINOY" all day long, but now that I've hit the mute limit it's non-stop again. Maybe we need more than the 2 moderators I've ever seen online to move people? Or you could just make the mute list actually enormous so I could continue being in the ONLY channel I have open without constant spam in languages I don't understand. There isn't even a good way to remove people off the list to add new ones without typing their names manually one at a time.

      Is there anything on the horizon to address this, or is it just going to always be like this and I need to leave the one channel I'm in?