Taking bets: what are the chances of the upcoming portal ganking fix to not fix the root causes?

    • Captainrussia wrote:

      Theat wrote:

      So it's an "issue" that players are dying in the black zone like morons?

      What is the fix, turn black zone blue???
      The issue is that players who engage in 15v1 portal camping forever stay "newbies" - even after 2 or 3 years of playing the game (imagine that!).
      the fix is to put them outside of their comfort zone - to provide challenging gameplay, so that they can learn new ways and become better players.

      I think we have been addressing this whole issue from the wrong angle this entire time! Its not the new players we should be worried about who go and get ganked on their first trip to BZ - its the gankers we should be worried about!

      Portal-Gankers who do nothing but portal gank, fail to learn the game, fail to get better (can't use any weapon aside from Bloodletter or claws) get bored and eventually quit! OMG! I figured it out!
      If that's how some players want to play the game, then fine by me. It's a free-world.

      The problem is players like *YOU*, who want to dictate to others, how to play this game.

      The second problem is players like *YOU* who actively, daily, spammingly, try to convince the developers of this game, to change the rules, because *YOU* don't like something.

      The arrogance of trolls on this forum is boundless.
    • A real issue behind this question is a couple T4 non spec guys beeing able to kill a T8 full spec. Ganking, portal, mobile or diving is content. You shoudn't try and "fix" content, just balance player interactions. There should be some zero %s and 1000%s in this game.

      Something on the lines of:

      T4 vs T8 = NO DAMAGE DONE

      Blob greater than X players = NO DAMAGE DONE

      CC duration reduced if you have more than X tanks in the map or you cause NO CC if u have more than X tanks.

      If ur guild / alliance has more than 2x the size of the owner of a terry = TERRY ATTACK COST = 500KK

      If you stay on an empty dungeon floor for X mins you are logged out and prevented from login for X mins.

      This is why I say ganking is not an issue. Its a consequence. We need to go to the roots of the game to identify that real problems lie there.

      In the case of portal ganking, the real issue is beeing killed by no skill, no spec, no gear dudes. If by wearing better gear you could 1 hit KO a blob of them, then ganking portals would be content for the ganked.

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