Building Ownership in towns

    • Building Ownership in towns

      I have only been playing for about a week or so, and I'm just in T4 stuff. I have to say that the T1-3 stuff is all nice and easy to craft as you don't have to spend silver to make it. However the T4-8 items you have to go to a Player owned shop and craft the materials and items there for a silver price per craft. Many of the players are not bad but when I went looking through the main cities to compare the Usage % I was noticing that a LOT of the buildings seem to be owned by a small group of a few player. Also that some of these are set really insanely high, 160% usage fee for example. Now when I was looking I did find a few that were up for sale, at 25000k-80000k. Now it tricked me at first cause I was thinking "oh just 25000 to get a place and make a bit of silver when someone uses it, nice" however I then noticed the actual price was 25000000, 25 million. So for my first bit I would suggest a more clear pricing shorthand, instead of 25000K make it say 25Mil so it would be a bit clearer how insanely expensive this is.

      On that note it really shows how much money those few who have multiple of each type in multiple cities are making per day to be able to afford those prices per 12 days. And that's my second suggestion with regards to the building ownership, it would be a bit more fair to make it a limit of you can only own 1 of each type of building per city, that way it can open it up to more players instead of just having the same names pop up as the owner. Could even get to the point of only 1 building total per city, that would open a lot of the spots to the growing player base.
    • On your first point, yes a clearer system for pricing would be good.

      As for limiting how many crafting stations a player could own, all the would happen is that players would create multiple accounts (saying as they’re free) and have additional stations held by alt characters. Putting a limit won’t solve the problem in any way at all.
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