Battleborn Brutes are Recruiting !

    • Battleborn Brutes are Recruiting !

      Do you see yourself being part of something greater than yourself?
      Do you want to socialize and gain the benefits of working together?
      Do you want to make new friends and have fun, while learning together?

      You have come to the right place!

      If and when you join Battleborn Brutes, you can enjoy the company of others on our Discord Server aswell ! -

      Hope to see you online and have fun out there!

      Dolcegalol wrote:

      Also worth mentioning

      - We are an english speaking guild.
      - 4% low TAX (As we are new and we are not making alot of silver yet).
      - Always trying to aquire more members for more fun and easy to find someone to team up with.

      Everyone is welcome!

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