Zergion Online is a Fun game

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    • Theat wrote:

      Midgard wrote:

      Benin wrote:

      could SBI remove portals between tiles and make a continuous world map??

      Would it be hard to do?

      Could we request that?
      That would be excellent. Not a single map of course but the ability to port to the next map by traversing any edge of a zone. Certain parts could be blocked off by ridges, mountains, impenetrable Forest, water etc but it would mean they could create more exits and wider ones. It would give the map a more organic feel rather than the funnelling that we now have.
      I know!!!
      Let's give 1 hour immunities for entering black zone!!!

      Or better still!!

      How about anyone entering the BZ gets auto stunlocked for 60 seconds so they can be murdered in the spot before taking a step!!!


      You fucking moron.
      T8 Fibre, Ore, Hide, Wood & Stone Gatherer
      T8 Gathering Gear Crafter
      T8 Bags & Capes Crafter
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      I don't know about universal praise. Queen brought a lot of issues with it, and you're totally right about small scale being decimated.
      Small gank squad of 2-3 people got also hard nerf with all the hideouts. The T7/T8 that's way faster to gather the gatherers don't stop / afk like they used to. All the nerf to weapons and armors before Queen.

      Nowadays if you don't sit, ready to use invisibility while being on a busy road, you need a big ganksquad...
      solo ganking is dead after queen and the rework of the map. Normaly i am a solo ganker but now there is no solo more, only big ganking groups walking arround :/
      So true. I've been trying relentlessly to solo gank and I'll get maybe like one an hour. And the only effective way is turbo nerd stare at a corner of my screen for a red name tag and frantically invis as quickly as possible.
      Sandbox only goes so far to excuse shitty gameplay due to power hungry and safety seeking players "claiming" entire areas of the world.
    • The idiots in this thread don't know Albion history, the progression (or degression) of nerfs, absolute safety for mega-alliances, and how BZ is drying up and creating divide between rich and poor (mega-alliance vs everybody else).

      The ignorance of whining, leading to realm-gate nerfing, will further destroy BZ content. What *SHOULD BE* promoted is more access to full-loot, unrestricted pvp. This means removing safety zones from Mega-alliances and allowing open-world roaming pvp to be worthwhile.

      Since none of this is being addressed, the game will continue to deteriorate and black zone will turn Blue.
    • Theat wrote:

      The temporary measure is for new and bad players to die repeatedly, failing to learn how to play, failing to join parties and work as groups, more whining and crying on the forum.
      Also be sure to 'thank' and 'like' the carebear posters, Owlsane, LordSilva, CaptainRussia, etc who are ruining this game.

      I beg your pardon but I quoted the Admin so I could recieve an answet from him.

      I refuse to talk to someone as retard and as delusional as yourself.

      As I said before, first learn how to communicate as a normal human being, not as a pig you are showing to be.
    • Lofthild wrote:

      Theat wrote:

      Again, if you can't fight your way out of a Realm Gate map, then you don't deserve to be in the Black Zone.

      This Avalon map is really really bad in one way, all the BZ guilds simply hide in their hideouts. So as Gluttony mentioned, the only "pvp" available for non-mega-alliance guilds and players is near the realm gates. If SBI caters to the pussies, whiners, carebears, and babies, (which they will), BZ will become one step closer to blue-zone. The bubble-immunities are already laughable. They last forever and halfway smart players abuse them, going in and out of exits in a zone to escape what would otherwise be certain death. However, the whiners on the forum, aren't even smart enough to figure this tactic out, and demand more immunities.

      Nerfing ganking will destroy the game. Buffing ganking will improve it. Also it is one of the few areas small-guilds and small-alliances have left, because mega-alliances essentially Content-Block them out of the end-game.

      I already know my position is lost. SBI will cater, and cater, and cater, and cater to the forum cry-babies, who represent less than 1% of albion players.

      Eventually they will introduce "Trammel", which will destroy Albion, as it did with UO. Inevitable.

      Captainrussia wrote:

      In all fairness though -> Your survival instinct should tell you that you probably should not be running SRDG near the portals? Go 3-4 zones deep?SBI is already working on a re-design, probably involving the Invis shrines, like the 3 "rest city" outposts.All he does is portal gank/solo dungeon dive with a group in flat 4 or flat 5 gear with a Bloodletter (actually his recent Killboard looks a bit better then last week, when it was all flat 4 BL builds):
      Clueless as usual, Captain, do you ever tire of being wrong time and time and time again?
      • You sound like the typical subpar PvP player who gathers his buddies to camp people at the zone exists to/from the portal map. I've seen your kind plenty in the last 2 days: 6+ people who just sit in front of the zone exit points
      • I'd be curious to see you "earn your stay" in the black zones when every exit is camped by groups of 6+ people; I bet you can't
      • You really do show your true colors if you consider camping portal zones to be the only PvP available when there are 2vs2, 5vs5 HG, ZvZ and Crystal League available - or are you just that bad at PvP and have to compensate for it that way?
      • You do realize you make no sense: you favor camping portal zones as the only "real PvP" and yet you complain that mega-alliances act as content blocker towards smaller guilds? Good one
      • Any credible source for this claim of "...cater to the forum cry-babies, who represent less than 1% of albion players"?

      Well, excpt for the buff ganking shit, i kinda agree with the guy with no skill on pvp.
      Everyday in Bridgewatch is a day that u have to escape ganks from 8~10 claw users with graveguard armor, and tbh, they all together don't count as one whole. If u know a little about the game mechanics, how to run and when to run, portal ganking is easy as fuck to get by.

      I say that as a sole players pvp/ganker and as a x2 HG player.
    • All these lame responses....

      As-if it were SO HARD for you to work with 2 or 3 other players, run a healer, and fight your way out of gank groups?

      Gank groups usually run against a tank and healer combo.

      Yet this forum is so fucking retarded, that you all want to nerf and ruin the game, than actually playing it?! Ridiculous!


    • You know why they are in this thread crying???

      Because if you want to beat gankers, you *FORM A GROUP*.

      You *LEARN TO FIGHT*.

      You run a *HEALER AND TANK*.

      But these whiners, I guarantee you, want to "solo everything", and believe they are entitled to run around the Black Zone 1v100 everything. Well, reality sits in, you can't.

      That's why Albion is a great game. And the more you try to accommodate entitlement attitude, from wannabe solo players who want to 1v100, the worse it becomes.

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    • CodenameFox wrote:

      Theat wrote:

      As-if it were SO HARD for you to work with 2 or 3 other players, run a healer, and fight your way out of gank groups
      This is shitty. I understand that you guys, claw-ganking scourge don't wanna fight, but everytime i go with 2 more pal do anything in the fuckin world you and your 9 mates with claws run fast af. Grow some balls
      My groups don't even run claws.

      Anymore ignorance you want to spout?

      (I wish they did, as a matter of fact)
    • Theat wrote:

      CodenameFox wrote:

      you and your 9 mates with claws run fast af. Grow some balls

      Are you admitting that you scare gankers away and they leave you alone???

      WOW, you're learning! Take note, CaptainRussia, LordSilva, Owlsane!!! Listen!!!

      This dude, CodenameFox, runs a group and scares gankers off!?!?!? WOWOWOWOWOW

      Why don't more players do this I wonder...............?
      I would not say that i run a group just to scare gankers, but when i'm with 2 more players i don't get ganked at all.

      But you're right, mate, only bad players die in those portal ganks and i don't see the point about so much complaining. If u're getting killed going back to city or leaving it, u really don't know how to play the game. Those portal gankers aren't good, they don't know how to play. Any player who knows how to use map can escape them. When those forum crybaby stop running t3 horses and going straight into traps, the whine will stop.
    • @Theat new challenge, what is you in-game name so i can see your kills and your sets.
      I bet it's claws and with 5 to 8 assists!

      hFly wrote:

      A more plausable thing is to add more exists to the maps, like amap having 8 exits towards 3 or 4 maps. Thats a thing that requires less time and could be done
      I already had this conversation with the DEVs regarding the increase in the number of connections between the clusters and the answer was that it wouldn't be possible to apply it in a short time that kind of changes the structure of the game.
      The entire system is built on a basis in which the connection between clusters is unique and increasing these connections to more than one would be a restructuring of the system itself. What would require time and staff.

      I hope that they pay attention to this and that they invest in this change in the system, so that it is possible for them to adapt the map once and for all to their needs and not create a system to minimize it.
    • LordSilva wrote:

      @Theat new challenge, what is you in-game name so i can see your kills and your sets.
      I bet it's claws and with 5 to 8 assists!
      was already answered earlier in the thread: albiononline2d.com/en/scoreboa…rs/6fxXcSacTuSI6Z9i-KPfDg

      EDIT: he went back to using healing gear this week, was all t 4.1 bloodletters prior to that

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