A (hopefully) extensive list of long forgotten weapons

    • A (hopefully) extensive list of long forgotten weapons


      I hope that I can continue to edit this thread with updates to weapons that have fallen completely out of practical use. Although some more than others I will try and touch on any weapon that does not have a place in any aspect of the game.

      Keep in mind that this is opinion and some weapons are worse off than others.

      Warrior Tree

      In general I think the warrior tree has a large selection of good options and all the weapon classes have a lot to offer. There are some outliers that just have no use all the same.

      • Swords:

      • Clarent Blade: At the moment this is the only sword that has fallen completely out of use and I can only see it as cheap artifact if you want to improve your spec to use the galatine or carving swords
      This is a skill that I don't have a good answer for: dual swords has the better aoe stacking, broad sword has the resistance+interrupt, carving with the pierce. I am not a fan of use boosting damage to make something relevant if it doesn't have a unique aspect to it.
      • Axes:

      • Battle axe: This poor weapon has been long overdue for a change of some sort, outside of the small niche of being high pve sustain that has been out shined by armor skills, this weapon has no place.
      I would love to see this weapon get a larger focus on the healing aspect as well as some form of sticking power and energy reduction. Since sbi likes to keep the Q and W skills consistent in a tree, a reduction on the e cost would go a long way to playing the sustain game that this weapon is geared towards. It would be interesting to give the e a minor slow+bleed effect that keeps the theme of axes focus on damage over time while also giving the battle axe player the ability to stick to the target to maintain their healing.

      • Carrion Caller: This weapon isn't as far down the list of unused weapons but I think ever since the healing reduction changes along with bear paws being a stronger choice, I think this deserves a mention (Infernal scythe will be left out currently but could make it on the list with carrion caller).
      The change I think carrion caller needs is just a higher focus on the healing reduction, making the weapon fill the role of dealing with strong healing comps that can pop up from time to time. The weapon won't always be strong but it will fill a role that can make it a powerful choice in the right situation.

      • Maces:

      • 1h Mace: This is a weird one for sure, with the change off of a single target silence this mace has had little to no use for a while now and the current skill doesn't appear to be doing it any favours.
      Outside of entirely reworking the skill you could probably turn this into an interesting dps/brawler weapon if the damage scaled with escalation and gave it a little more range to allow powerful cc-less dives. Giving the weapon a stun or other cc will turn it into a weaker version of other maces, but there could be some other changes that fit a full dive weapon that it seems to be geared towards. Perhaps giving a defensive buff that increases with distance jumped?
      • Bedrock Mace: Another, barely on the list, this weapon currently just fills the role as a cheese weapon for knocking players to places they don't want to go. I don't have a suggestion for changing this without ruining the theme of the weapon. It might need a rework.

      • Hammers:

      • 1h Hammer: I feel that this one barely deserves a mention since it plays well against melee heavy teams but is just outclassed by other stunning weapons. The short and sweet fix for this would just make it have the longest stun in the hammer tree as a payoff for not having the same reach as the other options. The one handed nature means that you can boost various aspects of the weapon like tankiness or cc duration, but those should amplify its strength, not bring it in line with other options.

      • Polehammer: Long gone are the days where this weapon was a dps machine and now it sits unused on the destiny board.
      The skill itself is interesting and unique and as I have said above buffing the Q and W on one weapon doesn't fit with sbi's balancing and would cause confusion. Instead the E skill needs to do something more. I would suggest either a damage boost with a cc reduction to make it more dps focused while still having the cc hammers are known for. Or give the user a buff of some form, I could see a damage boost to keep with the dps trend or movespeed/cc immunity to change the play style up. I think there are better options for this one though.
      • Shields:

      • All shields: This is a sad blanket statement for all shields currently in the game, they all fill the role of jack of all trades master of none. I am not totally against this but the complete lack of actual use makes me think that something should be done, perhaps making them more defense focused across the board with slight boons to cc/damage and the like would make them more appealing. Would be interesting if they all gave bonus health, with flat defence/cc/damage being the distinguishing factor.

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    • Hunter Tree

      As a whole I would say the hunter tree is really well fleshed out with very few weapons that don't have a place, sadly the ones that doesn't fit, really don't fit

      • Spears:

      • Glaive: While currently some spears are incredibly strong, the glaive is not. It is a displacement weapon with high energy costs, low utility and low damage. This is not to say you can't make it work but it doesn't fill its role and is rarely if ever seen in serious context.
      While you could boost the damage and the like, it doesn't fix the core issue with the glaive and just makes it a pike that flings instead of roots; instead I would like to see the glaive E apply a slow that scales with your stacks making a three stack E threatening not because of the raw damage, but because of the position it would put you in. I can't say if this would make the glaive viable but it would hopefully give it a niche to fill.

      • Spirit Hunter: This weapon doesn't get much attention in this thread as its primary role is niche to begin with. I don't think there are many options to keep the skill and still have it become useful in many contexts, but a slight travel speed on the E might strength its niche of "fishing" players out into the open.

      • Nature Staves:

      • Wild staff: Here is a weird one, this staff is geared towards healing up groups of people but ever since the nerf to only healing five players at a time it has not seen serious use. Rampant staff heals zergs better and many of the other staves handle smaller parties far, far more effectively.
      I think the simple fix is to let it heal more players, ten players would put it on the same scale as rampant without a hot effect. However I think you could make it far more interesting if it healed ten to fifteen allies a flat amount per second. The overall healing potential should be lower than a rampant but letting a rampant out scale it when there are ten people on the rampant. The general idea would be that the wild staff is a stabilizing heal while the rampant has the carpet effect for healing while moving into a fight.
      • Quarter Staves:

      • Black Monk Staff: This is going to mostly fall under placeholder as there are some slight changes coming to this staff, though I doubt they will make the weapon worth using we will have to wait a see.
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    • Mage Tree

      Overall I think the mage tree is the worst offender of absolutely worthless weapons, and this could be partly because the ones that get used at incredibly good.
      • Fire Staves:

      • Wildfire Staff: I think anyone that has used a fire staff knew this one was going to make the list, it is completely worthless compared to any other fire staff and doesn't have a role to fill that another fire staff can't do better.
      There are a few changes that could be made but in keeping with the theme of a ball of fire that rolls away from the caster I have two changes that could probably both be implemented. First, let the fireball travel over impassible terrain, this could get weird for sure, but since a glacial blizzard can pass through a wall, why not let a burning ball of magma do the same, I am not asking for you to make it look like it breaks through it but one of the worst feelings is having a tiny stump completely ruin your damage. Secondly a far more importantly, leave a trail of fire/lava on the ground behind the skill. This would give the weapon a better role of threatening the crossing of narrow passages and gives the wildfire staff a unique place in the fire tree.
      • Infernal staff: I will admit bias on this one, it is by far my favourite weapon in the game, and not exactly underused, but still doesn't quite have a place. Consider this my honorable mention since I have a love for the weapon. The infernal staff E is not exactly bad, but it leaves a lot to be desired when compared to its closest competition the great fire staff. Both weapons use the E skill to maintain pressure in fights and while the great fire will have more energy problems than the infernal if it is spamming the E skill, most energy problems for fire staves come from the Q and W skills, which gets incorporated into the build.
      I would like to see a minor change to the infernal staff E in one of two ways: increase its damage while maintaining the dps, for example make the fire burn for longer with overall higher damage, this makes it more important to either cleanse the dot with guardian helm or avoid spreading it to more people than necessary. I think this would fit with the theme really well, but a longer dot than the current 10 seconds is kind of unheard of. The other option would be to give the caster increased damage on targets affected by the E skill. This would be a unique reason to use the skill but it would be hard to implement because you don't want to have a group of fire staves taking advantage of one skill, it needs to be linked to just the caster.
      • Holy Staves:

      • 1h Holy Staff: Minor inclusion, the staff isn't the worst offender of having no use, but its emergency save you from death E doesn't feel as strong when compared to fallen staff resets and the like.
      I would like to see either an increase to the stronger version of the heal or a holy blessing like healing buff after being used on a target under 40% to make it fill the emergency heal role a bit better. It is single target focused and that is the area it is lacking in currently.
      • Frost Staves:

      • Glacial Staff: I think this is one of the worst offenders as far as unused/forgotten weapons. The E skill has such strong zoning potential but it just doesn't fill that role effectively anymore. In large scale fights the engage/disengage is too fast for it to come into play and the small scale fights can just move around it with little threat. Pve doesn't far any better as it is a chore to make the damage pay off by kiting mobs through the duration of the spell while you could use a great frost for far faster and more consistent damage.
      I like the idea behind the staff and don't think the skill itself needs to be changed but it does need some attention. A slight increase to the size of the E could go a long way, while giving it more casting range allows it to come into play faster. Although I am not a fan of straight damage bumps, if you wanted to keep the skill the same, it would need more damage to make it more threatening to get caught in it. This weapon favours slower fights for sure and as the game has moved away from that, it has been left behind, I don't think it should travel any faster however, although a farther distance could be worth considering. In general anything that keeps it in play for longer or gives it higher/more immediate threat is worth considering.
      • Hoarfrost Staff: The icy meatball has been left in the dust ever since relic weapons were added. The problem with this weapon is it is a narrow short cc weapon that out shinned in every way by the permafrost prism.
      I think if you want to keep this weapon the same and give it a place you could add a slowing trail on the ground where the ball passes and persists for several seconds after the stun ends slowing anyone caught in it by no more than 50%. It would give the weapon much higher catch potential and area denial while not being as instantaneous as the permafrost prism. It could find its niche in fights on long narrow stretches or both trying to catch or kite in a fight.
      • Curse Staves:

      • Life Curse Staff: This is probably one of the weirdest trees to look at since the Q and W skills on curse staves are so strong that the E isn't always important. That being said even if curse staves have and could in the future fall into the category of over powered, the life curse staff E has very little use. It is a debuffing weapon with a very weak debuff on the E skill, while mostly used in pve, even there it has minor use.
      To keep inline with the theme of the weapon I think that the damage reduction should be a flat damage reduction of 5% per stack across the board as the current reduction in attack power just does not impact most builds and situations. The bigger change I would like to see is a 10% reduction per stack on mobs while keeping it the same on players; this lets the weapon fill a stronger pve role without potentially breaking its impact in pvp. I would say this is probably the only pve weapon that needs to be looked at currently.
      • Demonic Staff: This weapon barely makes the list since it is currently out of favour since the healing reduction is not as important as other effects. That being said I think it could use a minor change to the skill.
      It could use a slight increase to the healing debuff, while 60% is a lot, even a 10% increase could see it become far more appealing in a large number of situations. The other options would be to give the damage it deals a minor boost to discourage standing on the zone and thus giving the weapon more zone control, but I don't particularly like that. Or increasing the area the spell effects; this I am not sold on as it already has a large area of effect and going bigger isn't exactly a fix to the weapon, but maybe a slight increase with one of the other changes could be appropriate.
      • Honorable mentions: Tome of spells (niche but still seeing some use), 1h dagger (really awkward but potent single target pve dps weapon), torch (so few builds use attack speed, but something needs to fill this role), Whispering bow (the range buff just isn't as useful as it once was, but can still see use).

      I would love to get peoples thoughts on this list and am happy to strike something out if there is a good argument for what it does well in the game, but this took me way too long to write up so don't expect me to reply anytime soon
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    • Nature AOE fix

      I would give nature E a total heal with a modifier

      For example: wildstaff heals in total 3k life if it hits 3 players and more
      If it hits more, the total heal is still 3 k but for all players affected..
      If it hits less than 3 players it heals 700 per player

      Example one: heal AOE 2 or one ..700 heal
      Example two: heal AOE 3 ..heal 1000 per player
      Example three: AOE hits 7 players, 3k / 7 is 450 roughly
    • Gimbo wrote:

      The Glaive has had a slow on the fling in its glory days.

      How about adding a short activation buff when using fling that increases resistance & speed for a few seconds with the fling ability activated by the next auto attack?
      I think a resistance or some other buff after fling could be interesting, but I would say a slow would be crucial to make the glaive into a solid weapon.
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    • I actually enjoy Enfeeble Blades a lot, it's the all-rounder which works in most situations, unlike all the other skills which carry more niche uses and are generally easy to avoid. It also has good synergy with Desecrate and actually lets you play aggressively when it's needed. Nothing like rooting that cocky bow/crossbow user and sprinting/teleporting up to him with the blades up.
      I'm not sure about how the debuff works in PvP but it seems to negate a lot of damage in PvE, and the skill's own damage isn't too shabby considering it's guaranteed to deal its full damage when used on a tank/diver.

      I would rather take a look at the W skills as 2 are just bad, one is very niche, one is mandatory in PvE and another in PvP. It doesn't feel like you have any choice there.

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