Enchanted Rocks

    • GameHobo wrote:


      I'm trying to refine rocks and I see there's now enchanted version. Can someone explain how a .1 is better than .0 rock? As far as I can tell .1 requires two times more the blocks of the previous tier.

      a .1 rock is basically like 2 rocks of the same tier.

      so 1x 4.1 rock = 2x 4.0 rocks
      a 1x 8.3 rock = 4x t8.0 rock
    • GameHobo wrote:

      @Constructor, I'm not sure I fully understand. I get that it uses more focus to refine enchanted stone... so on a per focus cost basis sure I guess we might see it's not worth it... but on a per silver basis enchanted 0.1 is probably worth it as long as it is under 2x the cost?
      There are very few reasons that exist that would make anyone want to pay a premium for enchanted rocks. So expect them to be worth less than the equivalent amount of flat rocks. The exception is T7-T8 where the demand is just overwhelming compared to supply, and so the prices are firmer.

      It doesn't just cost "more" focus than flat rocks. It costs substantially more focus to refine enchanted rocks than other enchanted resources. The focus cost is squared. So .1 rock costs 4x focus, .2 is 8x focus and .3 is 16x focus.

      The only upward pressure on enchanted rock is that it weighs the same, but produces more blocks, and so it makes transportation and logistics easier. But, this is really only super helpful if you never intended to use focus to refine blocks.
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