Question from noob!

    • My advice would be to try and max specialisation of armour/weapons so that when ganker(s) do come you have a high damage/defence output.
      If you're very very very new I would recommend not going into red/black zones unless you're with a party doing group dungeons, solo dungeons are littered everywhere so stick to blue/yellow if you're looking for a bit of xp/silver. It won't be much but it should help level you till you get around at least t6.
    • I would also like to add just incase it wasn't said before me, You could bring soups that heal you when your not in-combat, This way between mobs you regen really fast, This will make getting ganked more of a fair fight incase you get caught right after clearing mobs, cabbage soup t5 is a cheap option with a nice re-gen percent, If you are really low on funds you could also use wheat or carrot soup, If you bring an item with a invs skill you could also go invs right when you see a player if you were currently fighting mobs this would cause you to lose agro from the mobs and start re-gening HP fast from the soup to allow for a more fair fight without having to fight with low HP.