New players stop limiting yourself with yellow zones

    • This is what the game is intended for. People going to BZ and trash stuff. There is no other way of removing stuff from circulation. So this is where the game mechanics push people.

      It is is a sandbox, though. Does not mean everyone has to do what is expected.

      for comparison: I bought 6 White Tigers back in the day for 30mill each and sold 4 of them for 300-400 mill each. I rather consumed one of each mount skin (worth over 2B today in silver) than go to bz to get ganked. Even if could afford it...

      I like pvp but not the toxicity around it.
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    • As someone who joined albion about a month ago, i have spent about 90% of my time in the BZ. I want to note that i was lucky to get into a guild that had an established hideout and not in a huge mega alliance.

      I want to give a few tips to surviving in the BZ.

      My hideout is about 4 tiles away as a straight shot from the portal. However, the zone that the portal is located in has only 2 exits and 1 of them is significantly farther the the other. I have learned through dying a few times, that if you leave the portal and head straight to the south exit instead of the north one, you will reach the gate just as your bubble falls off. I then do a loop and go 1 space around the high traffic ganking zone that is from the north exit of the portal.
      In short, i traverse about 7 tiles to actually get to my hideout because of know where the heavy traffic is typically. There is even another alternate route more out of the way that takes about 12 tiles but is much safer and avoids giong near any of the portals/high traffic area

      These things you will not learn without expereince, so there is a curve. However I want to point out that i DID learn this and you can too. The BZ is so big that there are plenty of barren zones to grind in! My hideout is in a t7 zone and you can farm there all day without seeing anybody except maybe the fueding guild that is a zone away sometimes comes to try to gank us and vice versa as well. But i know that if i move a zone or two away, I will likely have a safe farm

      Also people need to learn how to travel in the BZ. Pull up your minimap with "N" (default keybind) and make sure you dont run into any "noob traps", that is to say environment pathing that you enter that has no exit. I strongly believe that with a swiftclaw and the "know how" to travel in these zones, running around ganking squads, watching if there are any kill symbols and keeping an eye out for any blobs that show up on the map and avoiding that part of the map. Understanding how bubble mechanics work so you dont make a big mistake and die to a stupid zone through. Understand the aggro radius of mobs that you are running past and learn how to maximize your gallop uptime. This will be huge to avoiding gankers, as one accidental run past a mob that swipes you and you lose your speed bonus CAN lead to a successful gank attempt. However, if you are diligent and smart with your pathing, there really isn't anything that can stop you short of getting into a zone that has 2-3 people camped at every exit (this is popular in portal zones, hence why i learned how to get out and away from the portal more effectively)

      All of these things are part of playing albion i believe. This goes with the territory of a full loot game. But it is very doable and worthwhile to learn the blackzone.
      To echo what others have said, the fame and loot will be much worth it. I can imagine in a t6 bz dung you will make enouph to cover a flat t4 set easily, depenidng on the items maybe 1 to 2 dungs, and everything after that is profit. Also it can't be understated how important fame is to this game. As ive grown from wearing expensive gear that hits 1000ip to now wearing moderate gear that hits 1150-1200ip, there is a world of difference in my combat strenght. This obviously goes a long way in all aspects of the game. Do not understate what a fame bonus does over long periods of time. I have around 20m pve fame that i've gotten over about 3weeks to a month of playing, and feel pretty accomplished with that so far.

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    • @Hollywoodi I think that is a solid idea, tho tbh its not really the problem imo. At least with its current population, there are many many areas of the BZ that have little to no traffic. I would be really interested to see traffic data overlayed on a map to prove this, but this is my experience. Black zones are much safer than red zones as long as you take my advise from earlier. Almost any redzone dung is liable for eaither a roaming gank squad on your to and fro or many people diving dungs.
    • Spoofed wrote:

      @Hollywoodi I think that is a solid idea, tho tbh its not really the problem imo. At least with its current population, there are many many areas of the BZ that have little to no traffic. I would be really interested to see traffic data overlayed on a map to prove this, but this is my experience. Black zones are much safer than red zones as long as you take my advise from earlier. Almost any redzone dung is liable for eaither a roaming gank squad on your to and fro or many people diving dungs.
      oh, it is one

      There is currently people we chase that run 8.2 spear 1h builds there, with Ava sandals cultist robe, rewind chest helmet.. impossible to catch just there to 1shot in t5 map new people ...and this works, that's why I would love to see IP caps for 1500+ in t5..
    • Red zones r more dangerous than black zones because there r only 18 of them. The black zone is much much bigger so people is very spread everywhere. Thus gankes dont bother to go and find victims deep inside but rather to stay around the portals. The portals r far the most dangerous areas in the BZ but that is mostly for the moment u r coming back to the city because when u r joining in u can just see if there r gankers around and go back in with the protection bubble.
    • Captainrussia wrote:

      sandstorm22 wrote:

      I believe you when you say the money is much better in BZ ( RZ also?). I'm a lowbie with only 2.5 million silver. I know you guys can make that in an hour. I don't spend any money though. T5 yellow solo dungeons I can complete only 50% of the time. My armor repair bill negates any money I might have made. I'm guessing T5 BZ solo dungeons are even tougher, so no loot for me. Group dungeons are a no go since I can't find a legit guild. So I'm limited to what I can do.
      I've lvled up to over 120 mil PVE fame primarily running solo dungeons. Its one of the best content in the game and its really well balanced vs group dungeons (I'd even argue you make more fame over a course of a longer time span in solos).

      sandstorm22 wrote:

      Guardian Helmet
      Guardian Chest
      Knight shoes

      I Understand leveling will be slower for tank, but I would like to level that gear so I can be a tank when I find a guild.
      You should have no problem running t5 or even t6 dungeons in t5.1 or t6 flat gear.
      For solo lvling tank specifically, I use this build (3-4 min to clear a floor):

      Feel free to downgrade to like 5.1 instead of 5.2 (6.1) as shown in the video.
      100k for flat candle?
    • sandstorm22 wrote:

      100k for flat candle?
      5.2 costs 100k as well (ok only 1 on AH and I just bought it lol). Other 5.2 are 130k, which is still reasonable and isn't much of a difference. I guess some ppl are stupid who sell, or whatever the reason is.

      5.2 is all you'd ever need really. You can get 5.0 flat or 5.1 and then upgrade it with the runes you get from the dungeon. 5.2 is t7 equivalent (not counting the small bonus from the Mastery Modifier, but its negligible on offhands anyway)
    • @NewPlayers - just play the game at your own pace, don't take his advice for it because on the day that you do, you get dived by 3+ people in a solo dungeon in and you'll instantly regret venturing out into the blackzones.

      Yellow zones are the best place for new players who are learning the game, you risk losing no loot unless you get knocked over repeatedly by T8.3 -geared reds bullying blues in the YZ

      (In this case, get yourself a T8.3 friend that has T8.3 friends that can deal with that sort of BS and make that red drown in repairs)

      The veterans mostly just want to prey on the new players (most specially the hardcore gatherers for more silver profit out of ganking) They WILL gank you, no mercy, no bs. They see you, they kill you period. Specially the big alliances out there, it's pretty much an anything goes out in the BZ everything is fair game for them while you get abused until you're forced to return to a safe zone to gather up for silver again.

      Those big alliances can easily setup a map-lockdown if they really wanted to gank you no matter how good you think you are. With the right people and the right build, you will never leave that map alive unless you're able to logout and log back in again while they sleep.

      You WILL lose MORE than you can EARN given that you are NOT experienced enough to deal with whatever it takes for these players to kill you and take your loot, leaving you penniless if you keep forcing your way in.

      F.Y.I - A LOT of people GANK even in T5-T6 blackzones ( I have done this myself and many others as well so I can attest that we make great silver from ganking gatherers and people who just happen to pass by for some small scale pvp )
    • Even 2 or 3 zones away from portals, atleast if you not got ganked near the next exit, you will get dived by multiple players in random dungeons all the time, its almost useless to go to the BZ solo, you will lose more then you gain. I go to the BZ to hopefully find a 1vs1 but it almost never happens. Wish it was different with more love for solo players.

      But atleast i can afford the losses.
    • New players, don't rush to black zones too quickly.
      EVERYONE needs to progress from the blue-yellow-red-black zones in this order to understand the game and how rewarding it is to move further on.

      A guildmate had a friend come to albion, and on day 2 he was brought to live with us at our hideout on the deep blackzone. He did some fame, progressed very quickly on the first days, but he didn't quite understand the game yet.
      t8 group dungeons were "normal" fame for him, then he died a couple times without knowing how to fight, and the other day he went to test the yellow zones. Fame and gathering seemed much slower than the black zone. He quit a couple days later.

      There is no shame in playing on blue and yellow zones. Most people are scared to go further at first. Once you start doing it though, you will realize how much better it is and eventually that's where you will be most of your time.
    • I can't figure out what some of y'all are doing. I've been playing for about 2 weeks now and could afford a dozen sets of 4.1 within a week, I am pretty bad at making money so this is not an accomplishment, just a thing most should be able to do. A single hour in a t5 BZ zone can get you more than enough for multiple sets considering how cheap most 4.1 gear is. Stay away from expensive capes or expensive artifact gear. Go out to BZ and clear some solo dungeons. Take a minute to get 1-2 zones away from the portal. I barely gather, only have fiber gathering 1/4 of the way to expert. Don't craft at all. Am at the point where maintaining 4.2 or 5.1 gear is not an issue at all.

      I mostly just roam BZ for solo dungeons, clear them, then run back. Not rich by any means but have maintained at around 2.5m.

      I've been dove on once, and died. I've zoned out of a dungeon to be greeted by 15 dudes just sitting there waiting once, and died. I've made many more successful runs and each run has more than made up for any potential loss from a death.

      Learn to pay attention to your minimap and watch for zergs or murders, run the opposite direction if you see anyone. Be ready to cut and run and don't get arrogant and stay out there all day. Most I usually do is 3 dungeons before returning. The fame and loot are more than enough to make up for having to run back and forth a bit. Stay off roads but avoid clumps of npcs.

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    • Yeh there absolutly is an experience curve required to learn how to farm saftly in the BZ. You will learn this through dying. That is hands down part of albion online.

      My preivous post ran though multiple senarios where you can learn and how I have learned to effectivly and safely farm the BZ. It isn't the most difficult by any means, but requires you to critically think about what you are doing and make adjustments, as well as being okay with dying.

      Currently, as i explained preivously, I have 3 different routes I can take to run from the portal to my hideout and/or a zone to farm in. I know that even if the portals are being ganked, I will adjust my route and still make it there just fine. Ive ran past/through numerous ganking squads because of this knowledge and execution.

      New players will eventually learn. Some slower than others, and all the safe zones are to help you learn game mechanics first which are important. But even then, i learned much about how bubble mechanics work specifically by dying in the BZ, which is fine.