Guild Recruitment

    • Guild Recruitment

      One of the proposed changes by SBI is adding a longer timer when leaving a guild or alliance. This is supposed help prevent gaming the system. One of the most common concerns stated is that leaving a guild legitimately will penalize new players. Especially when they join a potato guild, want to leave, and then can't join another before the wait period is up. It's a hard life as a new player. Very cutthroat game, especially the scams.

      So a new player takes advice not to join a guild when being spammed with invites in a starter city. Better advice is go to the forums and check out the posts from guilds that are recruiting. The problem is, there are potato guilds that are recruiting.

      My suggestion is there should be a rule when posting. At minimum these two pieces of information, or you can't post.
      1. What city guild is based in
      2. Tax rate

      It's hard as a new player. Joining a guild is a big deal and is promoted as good advice. Don't let potato guilds ruin someones fun. Full disclosure should be in place.