Expand hideouts system with dungeons?

    • Expand hideouts system with dungeons?

      SBI is taking a good step in creating shelters with automatic rental payments.
      So, this system is cool, but very raw.
      In addition to automatic payments and verbal agreements (we do not kill the shelter and you, and you pay us) there is nothing.
      As the leader of a small casual guild(PvE, ru segment) that rents land for hideout, I am concerned about this raw system. Hideout gives the illusion of security. Came out - killed. Enemies of strong guilds and those who want to kill people are many. Dont be killed? Chill in blue/yellow zones w/o faction.
      That is, despite the fact that the game is a sandbox, there is a bias towards pvp in black zones (IMHO).
      According to the logic of the game, pay amount, diggers will do you hideout better(more plots).
      How about: pay and for you workers will dig out group or solo dungeons daily? A specific player orders the digging N dungeons for himself(solo or party) and at a certain moment (from and to) he can go in with a group of them and farm them (analogue hce). And as a fee, a player is charged money (about 70 percent of the average earnings for a dungeon of this level). And at the exit, the workers say: give us all the collected loot (feed loot at the average price of the goods of the workers) and we will dig up the next dungeon for free.

      I understand that my idea itself is also wild, but as we say: no one takes money for demand.

      Or maybe you will have adequate variants?