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      So I don't know if it's a thing but I used to play Wow back and the day and one of the features I loved the most was dungeon queuing with friends. You could que up for random dungeons at your level then quest and adventure and automatically get pulled into a dungeon with your friends. Could we get something like that in Albion? The reason I ask is because today a few buddies of and myself spent half an hour looking for a dungeon that wasn't cleared out across 3 different zones. It was kind of a buzz kill to be honest. But this is just a though or suggestion.
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    • I actually came here with the intention of making a feedback post about the Dungeon being Cleared or at least half empty myself today. However I don't, repeat DON'T, want WoW's "I'm so lazy I can't even go to the dungeon" queuing system. All that will do is make it where everyone sits in 1 major city and queue up to spam dungeons and then it'll become just like WoW, where you see tons of people in the city, but out in the world is next to ghost town dead.

      I do think we need to have it where once you enter a dungeon portal, that portal disappears, and another will open up. This will keep making dungeons open from the start for everyone but not have the issue of leaving dungeons empty for other players to come into and walk through only to find their time has been wasted. I haven't gotten far in the game just yet but I can say I'm enjoying seeing the activity in it. Don't make this a game where you instantly teleport everywhere and don't actually venture out into the world that the devs made so well designed.
    • @PretzStarwind I can see where you are coming from. Some players I recall did sit in town and just wait for dungeons, raid ect. What if it was a daily thing. Say you can run 2 maybe 3 dungeons this way but that was all you could use the system for that day. At least that way your guaranteed 3 dungeons instead of running around for half an hour.

      @RenKatal I thought those where for higher level dungeons. I honestly only checked it out right after I got off tutorial island. I'll have to try and find one today and verify. Because that would be an answer to what i'm looking for.
      Take what you can and never give anything back.
      --Jack Sparrow
    • You choose the tier you run on regular group expeditions and HCEs are based on the map used. Also if you are saying all the group dungeons you check are always occupied or already cleared I assume you are just trying yellow zones? If you instead ran them out of T5 and T6 black zones you would get much more fame and reward per run and no big guilds even bother running those ones so you should have your pick. Sure you may be killed but just bring reasonable sets and no worries.
    • Also, run dungeon maps. if you split the price of the map between 5 its pretty cheap, plus there is a 16% buff to difficulty, fame, and silver when using it.

      but mostly if you are quick to get there you guarantee the dungeon. also like they said above low traffic zones are better. after the dungeon has been entered it takes 5 minutes after the last person leaves to despawn, so if random person is checking it then it wont despawn for another 5 minutes.
    • solo i think are within 1 zone groups are either 2 or 3 zones i dont use them but it isnt too far, also use a t6 map then it only opens in t6 zones so you can limit where they open same for t5 or t7 or course just pick a place to use it where it wont open far away