Suggestion to correct [Bug in move displacement algorithm]

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    • Suggestion to correct [Bug in move displacement algorithm]

      Goodnight, a few minutes ago I published the death I had a few days ago. in this link…n-move-displacement-algo/
      I had not published it on the same day because I got a ticket in support to report the case, today I received the answer.

      I published about the bug in the forced displacement algorithm that is currently being exploited by many gankers to destroy the transporter in the yellow zone, so I started thinking about how to contribute and help albion to improve and grow each time as a better game, more fair and competitive.

      Here I bring you my proposal to correct the bug and improve the displacement in a more fair and realistic way that is currently implemented in some powers such as the W of the daggers and the running of the shoes which if you are overweight even if you execute them You don't move an inch.

      Possible solution to the bug:
      • The forced displacement of another character, whether friend or foe, has to be done based on the weight of the objective character, for example a transport mammoth carrying 5000 blocks of t8 stone when forced displacement under the power of fear. , change of location, push, pull and others have to result in Resistance on the part of the objective as well as a character demonstrating with overweight in red that it is impossible to move by its own means must also show resistance to displacement.
      • A character that is, for example, 190% of the weight dismantled and the power of fear is applied, has to walk at the same speed that he would walk with his 190% weight, if he wanted to move, not as he currently does. Even if you have 10000% of weight, they move you as if you were at 0%.
      • In summary when moving an objective character, the real value of the weight must be taken into account: that is, weight of the [transport animal + weight that it is carrying], that is, if you carry a mammoth with 3000 leather t8 then when it comes to forcibly moving you have to move as is logical to you + the transport animal + the sum of all the weight you transport.
      [Displacement power] has to have a maximum of the amount of kilograms it can move.
      So if the weight of the target is greater than the one that can move the power then the result is resistance and not an inch of movement.

      if ([power][maximum weight] < [])
      then [Resistance]
      else [power effect] = character.weight + character.mount.weight +
      *The value of the variable will be updated when the player: adds items to the inventory, takes items from the inventory, when the player dies the value will be equal to 0. This way the algorithm is optimized.

      Thank you for creating this wonderful world that is Albiom Online, in which I have put a lot of time and work, I plan to continue doing so while supporting my guild and my friends in the battles that are to come.
      I would like you to analyze the possibility of returning the items that I lost in this death for having exploited the bug those pk that in yellow zone are creating a terrible experience to many players like me.
      Sincerely, Thank you for everything.

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