growing on the island is annoying

    • growing on the island is annoying

      I think if you made a more convenient interface with the ability to completely clear one cluster with the sheep and their offspring, farming would be much nicer ... :whistling:
      Farming is like a daily task. Every day encourages you to enter the game. :thumbsup:
      With recent updates, you only made it worse. <X At the moment, in order to fully collect one cluster and leave to grow lambs, it will take a lot of clicks. :!: First you need COME CLOSE TO CLUSTER,(why doesn't it work like this with planting seeds? :cursing: ) to pick up the offspring, then click on a very small button to pick up the grown sheep, open the inventory, put the lamb, feed it, and take care of it. This is very boring and annoying. :thumbdown:
      And some of these actions are cast for 2.5 seconds.(its ok) The time you spend on gathering on the farm with no people, with no actions, with no fun, should not take 8-11 minutes each day you come to play.
      Most of your players work at work, and when they return from work, they go into the game to run and have fun with friends / co-guilds who are waiting, but the game says - “listen, you first need to go to the farm to do your crops before have fun ... " Am i wrong? ?(
      Even in the farming game, called "Farm Together", I can fully process 5 beds in 2-3 minutes, come on... :S
      I would have long abandoned farming, if not for my endurance ...

      Make at least a button to collecting grown sheep more comfortable to click at.
      Does it feel like developers don’t value their time or do they have several lives like cats? 8o
    • Why is this a problem. People only do farming. What would u think happens with the prices if it shold be as easy as u say. U could support couple
      of 100 farms with no task at all. Some like too play the game just doing that to have a income. If every 1 do it because its so easy it wouldnt be any profit at all.
      T8 Ore T8 Stone T7 wood
      400/400 Trading :-/
    • Farming shouldn't be "easy" to do per say, but the current interface is unnecessarily convoluted (three clicks to pick up each damn sheep!!!) You should be able to stand in the center of a field/garden and be able to plant, water and collect all of the individual plots without moving around. For pastures you should be able to do the same (place pup, nurture, and retrieve) without moving, as well as an option that picks up the fully grown animal, leaving the pup behind for the next round of raising. You should still have to select each plot in the field, but maybe a hot button to speed up the process a bit.

      Will this promote more people farming...probably...but i doubt it will turn into an exploit. The really large profits come from using fame, so if someone wants to run 100 farms, they'll likely need premium on a dozen characters...which is a lot of silver or RL money. Besides, if you're running that type of operation, you're not going to suddenly double it because it takes a few less clicks.

      Just my 2cents
    • Too be honest i prefer more clicking doing no risk jobs.. Its commen sence that the button
      spamming keeps people stay away from it and playes that enjoy it gets paid because less take the job.
      U see this in other situasion as well. If u want too buy 1000 journals u have too click 2000 times then the lazy goes to
      Auction house and buy 1000 in 2 clicks and pay a bit extra for it and the button spammer that enjoy that get payed.

      What would the next be. People that only run Random solo dungeon complain that they cant understand why there is
      so many small mobs i just want the Bosses and chest. Why waste time on the small mobs so i can finish my 10 daily
      Dungon faster too play with friends.
      T8 Ore T8 Stone T7 wood
      400/400 Trading :-/
    • Why farming shouldn't be easy? Its not easy from the start, lets compare with other activity, like gathering in YZ:
      You need premium? - no.
      You need investments? - ~40k
      It is limited? - no.
      You need do alot of actions? - yes.
      It is a good profit? - decent.
      It is safe and chill? - sure

      You need premium? - yes or you CAN'T farm.
      You need investments? - yes, 8 mil+ island and seeds all the time.
      It is limited? - yes, just 5 plots per island, and focus limit.
      You need do alot of actions? - yes.
      It is a good profit? - decent.
      It is safe and chill? - sure

      So, there is much harder even to just have an option to farm. Not biggest profit in game. Its not fun(boring as hell).
      So why its should be also extremely hard by UI problems? I am pretty sure it must allow the bulk actions for plot. Like do all plot in 1 click. Coth it is already the content - you can not just teleport and start doing, and it is limited hard.

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