Portal Maps - Limited gameplay caused by the map.

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  • Portal Maps - Limited gameplay caused by the map.

    It will be necessary to de sleepwalking to deny what's been happening with the game for a long time.
    The new map just gave a buff in the situation.

    In pre-Queen all portal gave access up to 4 portals (6 in case of Caerleon and Martlock portals) thus having a total of 28 portals. Post-Queen, we have this number reduced to 15 portals.
    This reduction aggravated the situation and the impact of one gaming activity, Portal Gank

    We have several comments refering to the negative impact of this activity:
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    Sinatra.SUN wrote:

    Portal camping
    Portal camping is pretty big right now, and its worth considering if this is attractive gameplay. For veterans it’s a non factor, and somewhat fun – but for new, casuals and medium type players this is a very negative experience and prevents them from venturing in the outlands. Maybe add the invis fountain seen in the rest cities.
    Black zone portals are too few and badly positioned!
    Portal Zone Issue: Thoughts SBI?

    I don't want to end this activity in any way, however its impact on the game benefits only a handful of players and has a tremendously negative impact for most. Especially for the youngest players.

    I repeat, it is not to end Portal Gank because the problem is not the activity itself (and i like it), but the map layout where its carried out.

    At this time each city has access to only 3 portals.
    Of these 3 maps, two of them have only two links to the adjacent maps. That makes is doors easily controlled by groups of players.

    And don't tell me to go there to fight these players or that I have to use invisible equipment to be able to go through these mandatory points. The game is poorly designed at these points on the map, it forces players to pass these access points without any alternative or way to get around the situation.

    More and more teams of 10 or even 20 players are standing in the obligatory crossing zones to kill all the players who are forced to pass through there, without any risk to them. We are having a negative gameplay (probably only 1% of players appreciate the current situation the game is in) simply because there is no way to minimize it and this has been getting worse from map to map, from harbours to portals.
    This Portal Gank activity should be maintained, but these players should be spread across the map and not just 15 maps.

    Players are forced to go through these points, they cannot control or circumvent this "limitation" imposed by the game. The game needs to be revised to disperse and not to funnel this situation. I have already suggested in the past that the 15 portal maps shouldn't be limited to just 2, 3 or 4 general doors to adjacent maps.

    Each portal map should be unique and have at least twice as many links to the adjacent maps and these adjacent maps should also have a good number of links or the following ones.

    That way the Gank Portal is not prevented, but its impact on the game would no longer be so negative.

  • Agreed portal ganking should be a top priority fix. As mentioned in several threads now the T5 portal zones are much more dangerous than all the T8 zones combined. The entry to the BZ should actually be quite safe and generally more dangerous the further you go.

    *Add invisible fountain at realm gate circle.

    *Add safe area at all portal zone exits to prevent exit camping.

    *Add Caerleon type additional tunnel exits in middle of zones.

    The royal cities are still jam packed with hundreds of people in each city with only like 20 in each of the BZ cities another major problem they need to address. Make the BZ cities more attractive/accessible to bring more life to BZ. It should not just be zerg or nothing.

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  • Im having the same aggravation too.

    Sometimes I'm literally locked from BZ content including my hideout because on lucky occasions there will be gankers camping 2 portals and a zerg chilling in another. Not only do we have a 10mim timer, but only 3 portals and each with only 2 exits? It's a terrible experience and I don't think "trying to kill people 50m away from the portal" is a good type of gameplay.

    If anything it's non strategic and adds way more negative experiences for both ends of players . Gankers wait 50min to kill a player meanwhile dozens of players get locked in a Royal city waiting for their chance to go to the BZ.
  • I agree, If this problem isn't addressed it will case more damage to albion then the devs think, This is causing new players to feel the game isn't playable, Now i understand that there is ways to aviod getting portal ganked, But new players who have only been playing for a short time do not understand they need to double bubble or use other options to get by theses gankers camping, Also bring a group of people to wipe the gankers almost never works, They spend too much time ganking there and are making to much profit for doing so which in return causes them to just return if they do get jumped by a grouped party and thats if they even get caught because they can simply enter the next zone and get a bubble before the group gets there to wipe them, They have all the safety in the world. So short of camping the campers you can't do anything to stop them, This is a major problem and I cannot believe SBI has done nothing for the last 4 weeks to slow this down, I mean they have 100% DONE NOTHING. Do something add more gates add a shield area like the rest cities have, There is tons of things they could do but they just haven't done it, Its to the point where they MUST address this problem before its to late and it causes perment damage to the new player base. @Korn

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  • I am a 1 month old player and I shall give my views. I play about 1 to 2 hours a day and probably more on weekends.

    1st 3 days of the game was great. I went from blue zone to yellow. Got some gears. Got some mounts. Gathered some stuff and is generally amazed by the markets.

    After that I tried to enter RZ to gather stuff and after a few unsuccessful ganking attempts on me, I chickened out and remained in YZ. As they say, dont carry what you cannot afford to lose. So I stayed. My entire plan was to earn enough money so that I can go play in the BZ.

    Fast forward 1 month in, I still havent really played in the BZ because I tried to carry a bunch of stuff to my alliance's HO and didnt even make it out of the portal map before dying. So... i went back to YZ to make money to try again later on.

    Though you can easily enter in say flat T5 gear which is relatively cheap, the most expensive 2 items are probably the mount and the faction cape. Swiftclaws are close to 140k. Even armoured warhorse is 50k. It may be really cheap for veterans but when you are starting out with about 1 to 2 mil, that 100k to 200k worth of gear is quite painful to lose.

    Just to put it in perspective, I was introduced to this game by my brother. Another brother also started it. It was fun at first. The ideal of "you can literally do whatever you want in this game" was nice. However, it is a mere illusion which is gated by high barriers to entry to enter BZ. Granted that they are not huge team or social players who will actively look for guilds or parties and that greatly diminishes the playing experience for them and they had already stopped. One stopped after 1 to 2 weeks. The other stopped a week ago.

    The idea of full loot pvp is fine. But it should not be the case that unless you are some godly 1 v x pvper who can survive in BZ solo, you are then forced to download discord, go through a job application to join a guild or alliance. The fantasy of being able to sneak into a dangerous part of the world and hide from predators is probably exciting but giving the wolves an easy way to catch rabbits is probably a bad idea when the game needs the rabbits to sort of grow into wolves.
  • Without much additional information I can guarantee that this topic is not forgotten, and that there are good alternative proposals to my original idea.
    One thing I learned, was that in terms of structure in programming, it is not feasible for a cluster to have more than the 4 traditional passages for the adjacent clusters, which makes my proposal somewhat impractical, however there are ways to minimize the situation significantly which are good news.

    I appreciate all your commitment and support on this subject that afflicts a large number of the population of this game.

    ps: @Seldom It's all yours
  • i recently heard that devs are talking about the invis shrines and other options... i still like this one in conjunction with some clusters added to the map between portals and behind them.

    outlands portals then and now

    posted this yesterday.. we have less clusters players can reach from 2 zones away from portal. that is operation range for most players anything more than 2 zones they wont do it.

    also the way BZ and portals work there is a funnel of 10 zones to 3 portals where anyone leaving BZ must go through 5 possible zones that are 2 zones from portal, then they must go through 5 possible zones adjacent to portals, then must go into 1 of 3 portals...

    huge funneling effect makes it so all players will pass through a small amount of space its too easy to blockade the entire bz
  • I agree that this needs to be looked at. I always thought that the portals should be more towards the middle of the black zone. The idea would be that big groups would enter BZ and likely head towards the middle of the map and smaller groups/solo players could head towards the outskirts of the black zone. This may make it easier for smaller guilds to setup hideouts on edge of the bz map as well.

    For example, looking at the map on albion 2d, if the portals for thetford were somewhere around Willowshade Icemarsh, the zones going outward would likely become of little interest to the big groups. There would also be 3 ways to leave the portal zone.

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  • The shrines in question may work in the same way as the shrines in the BZ city's. You get invisibility and can move anywhere free from scouts.
    That alone will be a good move to minimize the situation on the 3 portal maps for any city.

    The other situation is the bottleneck on the adjacent clusters as you and me pointed out.
    Today we have a 3 clusters war zone that literally kills the game, if we get the shrines in there, we will get a buff in that numbers to a 5 cluster bottleneck in most cities.

    If it's enough, I don't know, but it's a start, right.
  • I don't believe adding shrines would be enough though as that really only makes it safer to make it into the bz. You need to also provide a bit more safety to make it back out into the city so there will be more influx of small group/solo players traversing the black zone.

    I remember back at launch when the game did not have a 3 second cool down on attacking players after dismounting. Players would utilize faster mounts and large groups to chase down and leap frog solo gatherer's to slaughter them. The black zones got pretty dead since if you went out solo you were easily hunted down unless you utilized direwolves and the right gear.

    There was even large backlash about the proposed change to dismounting (3-second cooldown) and players warned it would make the game carebeary and kill it. We even had some players rage out and leave Albion for a while. What I witnessed however after the change was more players coming out into the blackzone. It for sure made ganking more challenging and my group I ran with would sometimes run into this stag gatherer mocking us as we failed to catch him. We ofcourse adapted and got kills but it was nolonger slaughter house so more and more players began roaming around and over all I'd say it was a healthy change.

    Now I bring up all of that past in connection to whats happening now. The black zone's are very unforgiving and there are players going around ranting on about any change to make the game "carebear" or safer. I've heard it mentioned that they try to roam around deeper but can't find anyone other then those gathering with hideouts. Well perhaps that's because the only ones that can really make a living in the bz are those that roam in larger groups or just have the right experience to evade these campers.

    By making the passage in and out of the black zone a bit safer, we can hope to see more people venturing into it. As more players make it into the black zone then that means more potential players to gank at later stages. You need gatherer's and solo players to survive enough to make money so they can keep going out. If however you just kill them every time they try to go then they just stop playing in the black zone and all the prey shrinks until there nolonger is any prey to hunt.

    -Adding more passage ways in and out of the portal zones would likely be the best and easiest fix. I suggested before that it might be nice to have some under ground passage ways for players to ride though that link to other zones around the portal maps. So when you come out of the portal there could be two dungeon entrances somewhere on that map that lead to the underway and then in the underway are a few alternative passages to get you to other black zone maps. Portal gankers would then have to spread out even further and if you space things out enough they could have bubble protection from either leaving portal to the underway or vice versa thus making it even harder to camp.
  • My solution

    Do something yesterday

    It doesn't matter if it is spread portals out, add invis bubble that LAST while zone out increase trash rate

    Whatever.. but be more reactive and deliver..

    The time from issue identified to counter measure life is too long..

    Same is with bug fixes..

    U are bringing out the 10. Iteration on dissarary ..and to be honest I don't believe in it any more..and the other things simply rot..while this dead horse dissarary is simply